FIN: A means to an end


Where do I begin?


The end?


Well I guess I could start from the actual beginning.


Which one?


There are so many.


Too many chances


Let's call them lasts firsts 


There's a last first for everything.


First snow


First kiss


First love


First heartbreak


First drama


First happiness


First sadness 


First friend.


There are no seconds. 


Notice that?


You tried


They say I’m dead.


first death.


I’m still here though


 That’s what you like pretending


I think I am at least.


Why are they crying?


Aren’t they happy?


Isn’t this what you wanted?


Why cry?


It was just


An escape


A quick fix


And believe me, I’ve tried


So many times


But I can't seem to bring myself back to life




Did I miss something?


Did I do something wrong?


 Why am I not there?


Why isn't this working?


 I should be there


Why does the thing you worked so hard to do. 


What did I do?


Seem so inane? 


I want to go back


Hands shaking  


I want to go back


Eyes watering 


 I want to go back


Tears pouring


 I want to go back


Finger on the..






I can’t




I can’t go back




Why did you let me go?


You should be proud.


Take me back


You made it 


They tried


Didn't you?


But I’m still here


But you know that's not how they'll see it.




You were 


Don’t forget me


















You were


I can’t come back




why did I do this?




I seemed so happy




So free






Just another statistic


I ask you


Just another day.


Will you


Nobody else sees it that way.




If they could bring you back they would


remember me?


Wouldn't they?


I’m gone





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