She was being eaten alive

By a black monster

That made each step she took heavier,

Every breath of conversation arduous.

The monster’s evil


Took grasp of

Her legs,

Her arms,

Her face,

Her all.


It maneuvered her

Like a helpless puppet on a string.


Seized it from the kitchen drawer by the sharp end.

She didn’t know what was happening

While the monster’s shadowy tentacles continued to work.

The clean blade turned towards her

Fragile chest and pointed itself towards

Her heart.

The black monster licked its


Hungry for blood.


At first, she didn’t feel anything.

As soon as it had arrived the monster was gone,

Satisfied with its meal,

And she left alone to face

Her miserable and extremely painful


She hadn’t meant for this to happen.

It was over before she could

Scream, kick, or cry

Like any other human being would.

The end.



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