Too Far Gone

upon my nightstand, there sits a bottle that makes her stare
Its white&red, and the light from my window makes the plastic labels glare
Depressed&Saddened , heartbreaking thoughts run rampant thru her mind
She starts to think maybe if she takes a few pills from the bottle she'd be just fine
It does say pain reliever, thats all she really wants
Her mind being clouded w| suicidal words, her thoughts, the pill bottle haunts
What if i only take 2-3 ?
but that'd only take away the pain physically.
Mentally & Emotionally i'd still have to end
I picture the bottle saying take a few more, pills are your friend
I go for it, here it goes.. w| no suicidal note left behind to send
Endulging in a few more, passing out to the floor..
She'd given up. she let her depression win



Love it

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