Put yourself in my position.
Look at life, through my dead eyes.
Listen, from my ears, to your own lies.
You see her, don't you? A girl so broken that every Word spoken, are Cries for help…
If you could feel all the pain She has always felt… 
You would fall to your knees, you would hear all of her un-answered pleas….
Death and hell, that's all She sees.
Barely able to breathe, between suffocating under This broken life and gasping for air between sobs. 
She is dying, cant you see? She needs saving…. Do you know This girl? She is staring back at you, its me… Save me from myself… By the time You’re done t
Reading This , I either wont have a pulse, or i’I'll be in the middle of a suicidal breakdown…. Bye . Maybe for just a while, or forever. I don't Wang to make it out alive


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