The face of suicide

The face of suicide is a smile and an "I'm fine, I promise." as they load the bullets into their revolver.

The sound of suicide is a laughter, that later becomes tears and a "I hate this life so much!"

"But they were fine!" "They could have talked to me about it!" everyone says after the tragedy is done and over with.

The people who turned a blind eye to mental illness, and pretended it didn't exist, say suicide is the "cowards way out"

Cowardice is not found in those who have finally become so fed up with everything they finally pull the trigger.

The face of suicide is a mask used in the daytime, taken off whenever alone to reveal the broken pieces of who once was.

The sound of suicide is a prerecorded message, that everyone registered as real, while the tears were silent but real.

The talking never helped as the people who didn't understand gave them useless advice and they felt uncared for, like an afterthought.

The blind people remain ignorant, and cause those who feel suicidal to feel even more weak.

Nooses have been tied, triggers pulled, slits made in wrists that will never be erased, but suicide is still the "coward's way out" they say.

Since when has ignoring human instinct to survive become cowardly? No one is ever scared taking their life, they feel as if that's the only way it'll stop.

"Just be happy." doesn't work when someone's clinically depressed darling.

"Just ignore the thoughts." doesn't work when the thought's are louder than your voice telling them to ignore them love.

"You're just being silly." is why they don't talk to you sweetheart.

Invalidating someone and expecting them to still want to open up to you is ludacris.

The face of suicide is always there, but it's not like you'd ever know.

The sound of suicide is haunting, but to you it's normal.


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