My broken path


My feelings are always so gloomy and dark

I have no place on this earth nowhere to make my mark.

My feelings eat me alive  my emotions ar sharks.

Im a zippo with no fluid all I do is spark.

I fear my future and hate my past!

everytime I enter the race I come in last.

suicidal thoughts have been floating in my head.

Overthinking stuff while I lay up in my bed.

Blades on the desk my writs and shoulders are red.

Everyone would be happy if I was dead.

I cant cry anymore my eyes have dryed out.

Ive been searching for the meaning of life.

I dont think im gonna find out.

I keep throwing away my emotions like they were a ball, 

But they keep coming back like I threw them at a wall.

My path is crooked so i cant see the end.

I have a bad feeling so I close my eyes and play pretend.

I feel alone even when im with my friends.

Still the beginning of my life but it might be the end.



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