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If innocence were bottled up in human form, she would be the epistle within
Her chestnut hair glistens underneath the morning sun
Her dark eyes possess a thousand, mystifying riddles
A creature that is captivated by each and everyone

Her grace admires the stillness of her surroundings
Taking in every broken stick and stone
As well as the glorious waterfall that spills out its secrets
And all of the magnificent trees that have overgrown

Her soothing lullaby drifts among the open air
As she ascends the magnificent tree with such finesse
And the tree welcomes her soothing company
Allowing her to rest on its bough and feel her sweet caress

As she lies on the branch, she gazes down at the appealing lake
And without hesitation she leaps into the chilling water
This girl, now a mermaid drifts deeper, and deeper
Until the darkness of the depths envelop her

The glisten in her hair is now gone and all of her riddles will never be solved
She took away the one thing that made her special
The only thing that makes all things on this earth beautiful
The token of life, a gift that should be cherished because it is the upmost wonderful

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This poem was inspired by the character, Ophelia in the book "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. The song is I Remember by Devendra Banhart. The video was inspired by the music video Poli by Zoe.


I love how you used a character created by another poet, but expanded on her story through a different lense! Keep writing and making multimedia poetry! Also, check out our "Take Action" page for ideas about how you can use your poetry to truly make a difference in the world!

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