Come Back Kevin


Social media screams the truth,
Sitting there on the screen,
Right in front of you. 
Your heart slows, 
But its all just a sick joke--
You scroll down,
But your doubts are confirmed,
More people are talking about this,
And its not funny. 
Your heart stops,
You go into shock,
But when you come to your senses,
All you can do is cry. 
You run to your friend,
Your confidant,
Down the stairs,
To the end,
Turn the corner,
And then you stop her. 
You tell her the heart-wrenching news;
Your friend is dead. 
He couldn't handle life,
So he took his own away. 
Maybe because he lost his girlfriend,
His parents don't know,
Its too hard to say. 
Everyone from high school is talking,
How could he leave us?
He was so carefree, so funny. 
—But in this little, small town,
He found a way. 
And the school went to his funeral,
To mourn over his cold, stone body. 
Jocks, preps, and rejects—
Maybe he was just trying to bring us all together...
—But he may never know how much we cared...
And we wondered if we missed the clues he gave us...
Wondered, and wondered, and wondered:
But the answer never came,
And its still so difficult 
To believe 
That he took his own life. 


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