Self Worth

Who are you to take away your life?

Your life was predesigned and destined for greatness by our savior.

The life that was given to you by the Almighty and the Omega.

Why would you want to? 

What's hurting you so much that makes you want to let go of your precious hold on life?

What is it that's tearing your soul a part? 

Is it that you're stressing over school?

Is it the heart ache given to you by the guy you thought was going to be your forever?

Is it that you have a low self esteem because you don't think you're pretty enough to be on the cover of your favorite magazine when that's all you wanted to be?

Darling please find your self worth and lose that self pity. 

You are perfect.

Do you want to leave this divine Earth because you just can't seem to get along with your parents?

You feel as though no one really gets you and you can't seem to understand it.

Whatever the case may be, just learn to get persevere through the hard times.

Nothing in the world should make you want to take away your life line.

Let's not be selfish.

Think about the people who might actually love you.

Trust and believe that boy isn't one of them.

See you're drowning in your tears trying to figure out what's wrong with you.

He probably doesn't even care enough to pick up the phone and send you a text, let alone call to figure out what's wrong. What's next?

Let me explain something to you real quick.

That boy is just a boy is just a boy, there's a billion more.

Those words were just words, so why let them tear into your core?

Darling you only have one life to live.

What happens after you take it?

Not only will that boy be gone, but if you're trying to get to heave, you might not make it. 

Understand that you're valuable. 

Darling you are priceless.

Yourself worth exceeds any and all prices.

Don't let this crisis darken your soul and make you want to go to a place far away.

Let your beauty show, soul glow, and put that knife away.

You are perfect.


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