Wed, 08/07/2013 - 17:29 -- tekight



In your whispers I hear you scream.

On your cold hands I feel your heartbeat.

When you blink I see the color of your eyes,

The same jewels you stare at in the night skies.


As my body drifts to sleep

And my conscience is no more,

You bow your head and begin to weep

This is how I never saw you were sore.


An emotional scar you hid so well

With plastic smiles and merciful eyes,

As if all you wanted to say was “please save me from this hell,

Because no one else even tries”


They saw you as a phase.

I guess they just couldn't see what I saw.

The hidden message in your gaze,

The words you spoke without lifting your jaw.


And now you lie ten feet below me,

And now I'm the one who's weeping.

You've opened my eyes to see

You have a place in my heart for the keeping.


An adolescent who would soon greet the new,

Your glued lips made your bed.

I know what you were really going through,

I remember the words you never said.


And how they projected through your voice

Your frail, quiet voice

Almost like a whisper



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