City like Chicago

When I see a city, there are people with many different stories.

There stories are powerful, and they have a purpose.

Each person in that city, may help one another.

Don’t hesitate to reach a helping hand, because you may help them.

See a sunrise in there life, no more suicides in the world.  

Reach out and see, a city is as beautiful when the sun rises

Do you see the colors in the sunrise and sunset?

Sunrise has orange and red colors, along with a sunflower yellow.

Those colors are saying good morning, to wake up your mind, body, and soul.

You feel at peace with your thoughts, head into the busy city.

At night the colors of the sky, are blue with little pieces of pink clouds.

When it fully gets dark, you start to see the stars.

Like the city, each star has a story to tell.

So don’t be afraid to shine like a star, and tell your story.

The suburbs of Chicago have stories as well, just like any street of California.

Each place, each person, each star,

Has a story so tell it!


This poem is about: 
Our world


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