Nothing Can Hurt Me Now

It all closes in on me

I’m suffocating

Gasping for each breathe

I can’t fill my lungs

There’s not enough oxygen


The pressure eats at me

I’m worn down

Struggling to make ends meet

I can’t piece myself together

There’s no escape


Water begins to drown me

I’m disoriented

Straining to find which way is up

I can’t see light

There’s nowhere to go


I’m falling from a dizzying height

I’m spiraling down

In vain attempting to fly

I can’t open my wings

There’s no hope


The wind is blinding; deafening

I’m gone from the world

Searching for sight; for sound

I can’t see anything

There’s no one who can reach me


The struggle defeats me

I’m done with the fight

Tightening the noose

I can jump

There’s nothing that can hurt me now



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