We is greater than me.


I’m less

that’s all I'll ever be,

like that triangle not quite completed pointing to someone with a higher number than me.

I'm sorry,

so sorry.

That’s all I ever say,

apologizing for everything even if I wasn’t in the way.

I'm lost

not found

my head permanently facing the ground,

I scream in my head but I know it won’t make a loud sound

I tried to rise above but I was pushed back towards the dirty floor

My eyes always seem to be wandering to the nearest exit or the closest door

I'm exhausted.

I'm tired

Extended far beyond my means

They said my stages of awkwardness would disappear sometime in my teens.

I blend into the background black and white

too far contrasted and washed out when I’m exposed to the light.

Some days it feels like I’ve been stripped of my desire to fight,

their ignorance and judgement has robbed me of my sight.

I squirm in my skin.


Another scoff, another cough

about my appearance again.

I murmur to myself that I can never win...

since when did staying true to your self become a sin?

I rather be damned and condemned

Than to try to conform and become like them


their cruel comments metastasized through purposely made scars.

Nerves severed and charred,

never managing to conjure a spark.

Everything still remains dark.

Walk tall,

Walk proud

They can’t hurt you now

Acceptance lies within yourself

Do not look for their help

Knelt with shame once before

not noticeable, so common

a pushover meant to be ignored.

I implore you to resist,

you are somebody worthy enough to be missed.

Your importance cannot be measure in a simple list.

A dream to change the way you think isn’t just ambitious thinking,

learn how to fight to swim even when you’re sinking.

Cold nights to sun breaking in dayight

will warm your bones soon.

And no longer will you be alone

straining your eyes for answers at the moon.

Change our perspective

Take the bad with the good

Believe in the beauty of things as, you should

You’re more than a number

Not left to wander alone.

In school, these are the things they should have shown you

instead they lead you to believe that they owned you.

But you continued to grew because you knew,

life can get better.

Burdens possess the possiblity to become as light as a feather

when realize that we can face our battles together.


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