Tell Them Your Story

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 16:03 -- kellirp


Don't slit your wrist,
Don't cut your thighs. 
I can see the empty look
In your eyes. 
It's all too familiar,
The pain your feeling.
You don't understand,
What is life's meaning?
Here comes misery,
laughing at you again. 
You think he understands you,
That he's your only friend. 
You're a child 
Of the one true king. 
Dry your eyes love
And let your voice ring. 
Don't take the leap,
Put the bottle down. 
Spit out the pills,
It's okay if you frown. 
Don't take another hit,
You can't smoke this one away. 
Let me hold you tight, 
Tomorrows a new day. 
I know it hurts ,
But it won't last forever.
This pain is temporary,
We can do this together. 
Your story isn't over,
There's more to be told.
You have a life to live,
Your heart isn't cold. 
You tell me you're not good enough
You're perfect I say. 
You can't meet their standards,
That doesn't matter, thats okay. 
Don't shut yourself down,
But let your beauty shine.
I promise you darling,
It will all turn out fine. 
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