My Biggest Fear

                                  My Biggest Fear

  My  biggest fear is soon that I

Will wake up and see that I have died

Knowing all my family has cried

The razor has cut far too deep

Is this pain because of me?

Is it because I failed to see,

That my life was perfect the way it used to be

But now that all I love is gone

My family will have to soon move on

8 months has already passed

How much longer could their pain last

They cry too much about the past

Oh hey look I see my crush!?!

The constant love

The constant lust

All of the memories we used to have

All of the memories…

we could have had

They cry now because I am dead

Never being able to stop the dread

The constant tears

The constant Guilt

What?Wait? Whats happening?

Was this all a stupid dream?

Was it proving what love's supposed to mean?

I love you Mom

I love you Dad

Thanks for best life, a kid could  have.



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