Too Far Gone

They say "stay strong,

keep moving on"

while I'm shuttering and cold;

and I've been growing old, 

of the voices in my head.

And, I'm all alone. 


"it's just a phase," they say.

"she needs help," but none will come. 

all she hears is hate. 

fat and dumb fat and dumb fat and dumb,

but now... it's too late. 

And, I'm all alone. 


Fear and adrenaline pulse through my viens.

A weakened body, driven by pain. 

A battered soul and a broken heart.

A disorder that tore my world apart. 

A fragile ghost of my former being.

For the first time they are seeing, 

how much they'll miss me, tomorrow. 

And, I'm all alone. 


I act on impulses, 

and grab my escape,

This is my suicide tape.

My head is spinning, 

the knife is winning.

blood and tears blood and tears blood and tears,

for one last time. 

And, I'm all alone. 


The room is fading, 

my screams fall to silence. 

As the sorrow crawls out,

from under my skin,

This time, she may finally win,

my eyes flutter shut

And Ana says, "goodbye sweet love."

I, was never alone.  











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