All you see is her smile.    You don't see her mom walk through the door at 2 in the moring drunk,    Yelling and breaking things all night.    All you can see is her partying with her friends.    You don't see her standing on the scale, crying,    Right before she runs to the toilet and shoves her fingers down her throat.   All you can see is her model body. You don't see the bruise from last night,    The bruise from her brother.   All you can see is her laughing as she's surrounded by friends. You don't see her slide the blades across her wrists,   releasing the emotional pain.   All you can see is her designer clothing.   You don't see her cry herself to sleep,   Because someone told her she wasn't worth it.   All you can see is her with her quarterback boyfriend.     And you didn't see it coming when the school told you the horrible news.    Because all you had seen was her smile. 

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