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English v. (b/c only English and Spanish are allowed on site :( ) Crowd becomes a galaxy,            Ten thousand suns,            Ten million worlds,come into existence.
Forget me not dear Like dying delphinium. May our blues entwine.
I promise I’m not broken, I just look this way Because of the pieces I gave away To fix the broken in someone else   But when something is no longer broken They no longer need the one who fixes
Look down at me.  The shapes you see, that could easily be reflections of who you want, If you forget it's just me.  And does it matter, the bleak expression unforgettably cutting across my eyes?
My love for you is greater than all the stars in the galaxy.  Love so pure and true.  Love so perfect, you’re my best view. 
For Ma Phyllis   There’s a small kingdom,With many people,Yet unknown to the worldThat mourns the loss of their Queen.  
I'm in the passenger seat; It's nighttime and I See the city lights Flashing right on by.   As I look out the window I can't help but feel So infinitely small and Insignificant.  
Sometimes things get hard, But I know I'll go far. I know I'm not alone, For I feel it in my bones. If you ever need a hand, Please know I'll understand. And if I ever need help from you,
Grip me tighter, Im drifting from afar He has his hooks in me, saying no is the hard part. I need your kind of love to rebuild my broken heart. Don't give up on me before we've given it a fair start.
curious humansnations working together—toilet paper wars . . © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.  
You know, I don't want to have any anger in this world. I want to be kinder to all people, Because there is a lot of evil in this world.  There are more evil people than good people who are getting smaller and smaller.
dear girl you are not alone whatever fight you are fighting  has been fought by so many before   dear boy
You act as if I haven’t been living from one fix to another the past three years of my life. You act as if I don’t know just how cold life is,
Thoughts invite Emotions to a dance  An elegant waltz They don't skip a step  For the fear of telling the story wrong looms over their heads like the gleaming chandelier Held together like glue
6:00pm on a Wednesday, the soft rain has left a vapor in the air that settles on your skin like sweat. The sky fills with clouds and sun to spread a yellow hue across the atmosphere like looking through aviator glasses.
I am a man  A simple, 2 bells and one whistle man. I do not fear my existence. I just am. My saying this should not offend you. I certainly mean no harm.
Growing up I had a perception of the world,  one that was filled with happiness, love, and friendship, but it soon began to slowly fade, just like past memories.
When I was a boy sometime ago I faced a problem and wanted to let go. I felt scared but wasn't sure where and I was not strong. I had little courage
I see the world differently. I grow taller and everything is smaller, But truly the world seems bigger And badder. The world is a mess. How can I do anything to make it better?  
From whence I was born my life was in motion, constantly flowing like waves in the ocean. Smaller at first without much commotion, then larger at last just like an an explosion.
Cold of glaciers chill my bones Sweeping down from mountains Icy streams and cool winds Stealing heat from stifling days Pulling me back into myself An individual among individuals
at leastyou and iat most just the same
Fear is love. It follows you everywhere, Growing massive. Having to let go of fear. That ambitious task.   Your addiction to love is fear, Our connection together is fear,
It's a new world outhere to behold within  to catch without leaving for times, unknown to the doubts your lives, little to the gold found in the rubble of the world in here we toss and turn
beautiful notes drifting through the halls drifting through the walls drifting through my mind drifting so that I can find   as I drift towards the end of my road
The moments, ordinary, have started adding up, From sharing meals together, or coffee in a cup, Subtract the times when sadness had tried to seize the way, As love returned with gladness; a new and brighter day. -
Girl, when we lay together at night We soothe each other's soul Nothing but a comforting touch As the evening tides roll We set our sights high With the moonlight and stars shining so bright
the winds blow through the leaves of the trees as words drift from ears to ears of those who want to hear Creator speaks in many voices through many people selectively we chose
My family doesn't like you. They judge from what they hear. But I know you better, Now let me make this clear: You're my husband and constant companion. You're my family, and my friend.
Today is
When tough times   Do arise   When the world is falling   And the voices are calling   We take a stand   Hand in hand   We come together  
“What do you believe in the most?” -- The magic That starts When you put together Two broken hearts And find They make a whole
You have been held many moments But in the morning, what's to find? Face after face, all fading into one. Growing cold and distant- Wondering if your heart is still capable, of just coming undone.
  Wet fuzzy socks in my shoe Squish every time I walk Around the block with you   Warm winter window smiles From  strangers sharing dinner
Dear Brother,   Now I don’t mean to be misperceived, because I’m white and you are black, it’s something we all can see.
Something in my gut tells me to just run away, move on and find someone less difficult but then a spark of hope ignites in my heart and says
Dear Celeste, You've made an impact on my life You made me let go of all my strife You helped me turn my life around You caught me before I hit the ground You helped me heal You taught me how to feel
Merry Christmas my sweet. I’ve written you a few poems, but the list will grow, for how can one not share this intense sensation burning inside when it’s brighter than anything else?
You are not alone I am not alone In the end, what we all want is to look across that vast ocean and see a mind that is like our own to know that there's a reason to keep swimming
Because I love you  I became a better me  How can I love you properly  If I don't take care of myself Because I love you  I prayed for you  So your spirit may be strong 
I'm sorry I woke you You used to say I could. You crossed your fingers, nodded your head, like I knew you always would. You whisper sweet words of decit, as you look into my eyes
Calm grays and chilly daysSeem to be the best to sitAnd think about things That our minds won't seem To quit whispering about.  
No time, no time at all none to read meaningless words, none to spare for a wayward thought no seconds to give to listen not a moment to waste, but I've found that time has no value
Because I love you     I will catch you when you fall I will sweep you off your feet I will protect you through it all Would you do the same for me?   She holds my hand when I feel defeat
my baby he loves me so he tells me (you’re a chore) to break me open like a tidal wave and i will always return to him to this love       this is love
You do not complete me, instead, Compliment me in my entirety Fitting into the spaces where I falter   A loving embrace, a casual reminder
I feel the earth under my back, pressing against me as I am pressed against it, equal so that there is no tremble. The world is still. I let my fingers lie loosely, the apple that had rolled out of my hand still only a foot or so away.
Are you here with me?,I want to see your bright eyes,Fervent and complete. 
What is this darkness? But with this grief, I have you, So I embrace darkness.
In America, the land of the privileged and home of hate, 
In the ten years that I have lived here, I have been judged, discriminated, and hated. I have been crushed, hurt, and segregated.  I tried and gave the best I could,
  There are times When speaking out is important. There are times When being heard can change the world. There are times When being different means everything.  
Oh, America the Great! Where do I start? What do I say?  Oh yes, the country where you had to wait long for your rights because you are gay   Young kids following the media, wandering ever aimlessly into their demise
Excuses   What are they good for   Absolutely nothing   They're poor  
For my country, my heart swells with pride; The land where my rights are upheld, and never denied.   But I must confess, Our country is a constant work in progress.   To me it’s a shrouded mystery,
Moirai spun me, with you, Sewn ourselves together to fate, We lusted for our destiny.   Melted hours folded together with ceaseless love.
blades blunt  and people break men will hunt  we make mistakes   preyed on runts  its them we forsake we're just the grunts  and we work for snakes  who we should confront 
So the tears, we hold so dear becomes falling rain, that does not wane.And the evergreen lies, that tempted the skies creating lavender blue water, never to falter.Inside her chest, a tree does nest it's beautiful leaves growing endlessly, spreadi
We ask ourselves, why do we still continue?Why do we still rage this pointless fight?Where is the freedom and love and happiness in this microscopic light?The answer was never in the books we read, the words of our neighbors, but in the hearts and
I walk into the library, but I do not read.I make lists and lists for someone else to read.They may read it on time, or they may read it late.Am I a student or a teacher? I walk into the classroom, ready to learn.But sometimes I don't.I carry pape
We live in a house made of each other. If that sounds strange, That’s because it is.   Each individual person lives in their own home, While providing a piece of housing to somebody else.
You play me like a master.  Using dips and caresses to hear the staccato of breath from my lips.  Your name crescendoing as I reach my peak.  My body now shakes with the vibrato of the music our bodies made.   
Darling, something is wrong All day has been bitter words It seems our conversations have turned insolent I only asked for something from the heart
I know you have said it all before I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it The fight we had last night, you called me ugly I’m sorry, you’re beautiful
I closed my eyes and I saw you lying next to me You were so close that I could reach my hand over and caress your sleeping face The soft breathing held a steady pace as you dreamed
 It takes time to understand what's important The needs are from what takes us apart. A thought not provoked alone but together A collective of sorts.  
As I sit here and stare and ask why I do not care the thoughts of good times and fun experiencing the warm sun I  look at my phone but do not cry that I am alone. Through this tiny screen
To me, family is everything. If it wasn't for them, I would have accomplished not one thing; such as getting through Chem.   Or handling tough situations, when I didn't know what to do.
To me, family is everything. If it wasn't for them, I would have accomplished not one thing; such as getting through Chem.   Or handling tough situations, when I didn't know what to do.
The bodies   they lie on the floor in the grave wherever   but only if they're together
Our words are forgotten as our memories return. They stopped, and time froze around us. Enclosing us to this very spot, this very moment. And although there is such a hatred that plagues our world.
The world around me crumbling to the ground, me caught in the middle while pebbles of once beautiful castle walls surround me, drown me. But you, you saved me. And me? I let you.
As the night comes on With the moon hanging low Stars glittering in the sky Magic of love comes along   It fills the air with a sweet perfume Where your love surrounds me Wrapped in your arms
I shall go 
This is for my brothers and my sisters full of ideas, creativity, and passion. This is for those young black lives, the eighteen and nineteen year olds trying to make it to graduation or college orientation.
Brought into this world full of killers drug dealers crooked cops i look around and there's no one to help a would without heroes ? how have we survived this many years ?
My people have walked miles on end,praying it's just around the bend.  
We’ve always shared the words we never speak
what is love is it just a four letter word
Are you feeling better now? If so, tell me how Tell me how you find it in you, in your mind To put aside everything you think And to see what you can find.   See if you can find the good in your heart
If pandemonium had a soundtrack this would be it Chaos Chaos we all cry out We can't sleep We can't breathe Hands up don't shoot Only together can we make a new type of soundtrack The sound of peace
Beat cause I'm black in America. I endure racism, Self-hate, Oppression, Misconception and devised plans, I lack introspection and revised plans, So I strum to the beat of the white man.
I'm missing you so much.   You don't know how.   Life is cruel to us.   The way we can't be together.   It's the world's way of saying  
my father met my mother on the train tracksleading out of Hackensack, New Jersey. she was clad in blue and embossed with blisters;he was wearing a black sweater and had a stumbling tongue. 
To be me is be black EVERYONE looking at me figuring the worst. It seems like my skintone is cursed, From Martin Luther King to Eric Garner Black people are losing their honor.   But when I look at me
My gaze falls upon your radiant face And all I can see is your flawless grace When I am down you would make me smile I hope that you will stay around for a while
Team Strong, Weak: Together and apart, working as one player; Family
My Heart is like a symbol steady tinging
Hands Of him to invade me to intrude to be ill mannered and uncouth to me Hands Dating the clock so faithful so diligent so painless so fast so slow Hands
This world. Yes. This one The one you're a part of Is dying The United States falls The Middle East quarrels The world is gripped by panic, and fear Pestilence War Poverty
Who is this youth? A lie hides the truth  small truths hide big lies  Who is this youth?
Hey dude, its your birthday today, You are still so small but you think like a giant wall, The days we spent together, all that stuf in library, for me its all about memories, today i take stand,
I dream of a place One distant, yet close I dream of a face With blue eyes and a sweet nose. I dream of friends, Friends I met long ago. I dream this chapter ends And I find a new home.
Oh, If they only knew....   It's never who they think it is Those who would suspect  that you long for someone  
And at last, We lay together, in the dark, Looking into each others eyes, and then I knew, I just loved you so, so much...
I could be addicted to heroine, but your love is so much brighter I could swim around in a pool of alcohol,
I filled this out before, but it didnt read it it was a dumb mistake, I went back instead of reading it
Whether you’re in the states or overseas Lift your chin and feel the breeze The distance may overcome Like clouds sometimes cover the sun But without a doubt after the snow
You are the part of me that was always there but couldn't wake up until your gentle spirit rustled me awake.   Suddenly, but smoothly,
A gleaming demeanor hid a dark interior. No one dared to question my painted smile or the pain in my eyes. No one asked,  so I didn't tell. Falsified statements." I am fine." "I am happy."  I am not dying inside.
I want someone to look me in the eyes and tell me
My mind filled with so many thoughts Heart filled with hurt that won’t stop So young but forced to grow so fast No time to be a kid or dwell on the past Within an instant my life began to crumble
With a swift brush of the breeze, you are beautiful.  Soaking in your everlasting scent, I can see you. The ability to taste your bountiful lips is euforic, in the sense of purity and love.
I don't want devastating love  So forget Olivia Pope and her definition of love I want simple, genuine, unadulterated love I want  my love to not be complicated I want my love to be practical
  What explains the difference among differences? My mind troubled by the puzzle A maze in which chaos makes sense Differences more acceptable than others Lost, tumbled, shaken, and forgotten
I walk across a street so far,Sharing my good news with everyone afar.I praise here and I praise there, nowwewalk down the street so far,Sharing our good news with everyone afar.
Mono-one, s
Fun Things and Happy Things Can you really leave these behind? Even if you can, can you keep loving this place? Can you keep loving yourself? Sad things and frightening things You want to leave those behind.
Together we stand, We are One in a billion, Only one of us,   We stand together, Yet as we stand we are one, A billon is one,
  Lets drift away
Do you really want to knowWhere in the world do we go?Close your eyes.   Can I ask you to hold me,To tell a great lie to me?Close your eyes.  
1.)It starts with a smile  And nothing happens for a while For he whispers the magic words The magic words that will lead to more  2.)He holds your hand  Glad that he's yours to have
You compare me to my friends   So which one should I be like?   You want me to be her, The one whose not a virgin and had an abortion? 
The footsteps that closely follow                                             The intricate workings of my mind                                          
One thing that makes me tick Is the way people pick Who they think is cool enough, smart enough, or who is fit I am sick of hearing the mockery Against everyone's poverty Emotionally, physically, mentally
Hand in hand for so long, the touch of their presence almost numb. The warmth channelled through their fingertips and palms calms the thoughts of done. Done trying so hard to hold them there. 
She smiled at him with the stars in her eyes, He returned the gesture with a gentle kiss, Which earned a giggle of surprise, He gave a grin of utter bliss,
I have the chance to change one thing in this world.   I have the chance to change one thing in this big messed up beautiful world.   So I jump up, throw my arms in the air,
Rich people have 2 houses, boats, expensive shoes, and an unnecessary amount of food.  
It's not as if I ever meant for this to happen. It just kind of did. It's nothing bad,  I swear it. It's just odd. And frightening to consider. Love me once, shame on you.
I've learned how to speak and to stand on my own two feet
The world as we know it tumbles towards its demise, And the cause of this catastrophe eludes all but the wise Who know pollution, war and such - all harmful, there's no doubt - Clearly share a common root, which they could not go on without.
  Today a question was given to me           that I never truly understood Today a question was given to me          asking what I'd do if I could I wondered for quite sometime
  let me in. show me around your heart. let me in. ill mend every scar.
If I could Change I would... Change anger to happiness, Change hate to love, Change violence to peace, Change crime to good deeds, Change controverse to resolution, Change pain to laughter...
The path we are on splits in two.
Why does it matter if my skin is darker than yours? Why take my land away from me and leave me here suffering with an empty soul? At least give me clean water in return, rip open my head and yours,
Moon rays dance across his sparkling eyes He holds his hand tight- never to release his pride He runs like a warrior ready for battle But he’s never known the terror behind scars-
Days, Weeks, Months, They pass. And I wait. I wait on you. I wait on a FaceTime,  A call, Some word. But you don't call. You don't FaceTime, You send no word.
Where is the love in this world so cold? Has compassion died off with those who are old? Has the ghost of the heart flown away?
Thousands of ecstatic black seats in arena shape form, ready to be filled with electric fans watching their team preform. As each cold seat is being filled up one by one...
***For those who have suffered through Natural Disasters***     Ocean of blue, Blood of red.   Laying within Mother Earth’s bosom On grassy beds.   Music of birds
He’s a jack in the box One second in, one second out A “lover”, a “best friend” In just one second   I am a marionette
I am the vine, gripping the bricks on the wall. I am the paper clip, tightly holding the papers together. I am the loving arms, that safetly hugs my family. I am the hold, that never loses its grip.  
   Every Christian has a different burden that they carry many of them forget that there is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary that there is a stillness in the atmosp
I want love I need love I can give love
I see my hatred written on my arms I grab my razor and think do I really wish to cause more pain I'm miserable already why make it worse and then I let it go And I let love in I become happier Joyful
Life is hard, life is tough, it knocks you down, sucks you dry, even when you had enough you can't hide, running will make it even more rough, stand strong, will it out, no matter how hard,
Our education system has got to do better. I know nothing is perfect, but we can not go on like this forever. Kids using profanity instead of the intellect God gave them.
I want to rub honey 
After everything we've been through Everything we've seen Our cries, battles, and wars Our wins and our losses This can't be the end, it can't be over. The darkness consumed us and tore us apart
I open up my mind, and see the possibilities. Fantasy I always find. Space and time just reality. Peace signs around the world I always hoped, but every time I look around the world
Hands held tight:tied like twine,a sailor's knot,never to be undone; Soothing strokes:serene waves belowa light sunset,set for smooth sailing;
If love was a book, I’d read it to you. If love was a song, I’d sing it to you. If love was a pool, I’d dive in with you. If love was a car, I’d drive off with you. If love was a star,
If I had one wish I'd wish for a sunny day. If my wish came true I'd take you out for a walk. If we went out for a walk I'd take you to all my favorite places.
I love you are words That are spoken often between us. No matter how many times we say I love you We repeat those same three words.  
We try to count the stars Oh, what a site Fire flies in jars We do this every night   This became our thing We never cared about the weather We would always hang And linger there together
Prove to me that you're still there, And prove to me that you still care.It's hard to put faith in what you can't see, But let's just keep this between you and me.Sometimes I have to question myself, 
Looking back to the times, We laughed so hard.Can't you just seeHow perfect you are? The ideas we share, The words exchanged, And when we mess up, Each taking our blame.
I know you do really mean it.And I can feel it in your touch. But I can't take a compliment.I'm used to the downs, not the ups.
You ask me to stay, Yet push me away.But I want to know, So I just can't let go.One day you'll realize, All the bad was lies.You're perfect to me, One day I'll make you see.
Ripped seams, New try. One dream, Hang tight.
Hoping I'd find love, Couldn't see how it'd be you... The others that broke my heart... Somehow I know this is true.. Since the time we danced, The first time kissed, The first time we met,
I don't think I could ever explain, Everything I'd like to say. I don't think that you could see, Everything you mean to me. Most of all, I don't think you understand, Just how in love with you I am.
The way you leave me breathless, I knew this form the start. So here's to us, saying, Until Death do us part.
Fleeting glances, Silent passes, Your eyes locked on mine. Sway to the left, Just out of breath, All for the very first time. Sway to the right, Feelings, don't fight, 
Can you pay tribute to love itself? Loyalty, passion, curiousity, Love. It can't be seen, can't be touched. An abstract concept we Love so much.
Together we're like fire, And you need to be mine. It's like apart we're still alive, But the fire burns inside. And I know you feel the same as I, And now I'm starting not to fight...
Never take what you have for granted, As one day soon, you may not have it. I wish I'd known this when I was with you, Because now our moments are precious and few.
One year ago right now, Their hearts were still beating, Their lungs, still breathing. But one year ago today, Two precious lives were taken away. Midnight, September Seventeenth.
I'm in no hurry, Let's take it slow, I really do love you, Just so you know...
  I hate how you never escape my mind.   Every song reminds me of you.   I can’t quite erase you from my life.   You’re there no matter what I do.  
  I knew it would kill me if I accidentally fell.   So when I did, I swore I’d never tell.   I suppose the only words left now are Oh Well.  
I promise I will love you, With all of my heart, I swear I'll be with you forever, Until death do us part.
  Everything you’ve made me feel,   None of that’s in the past.   Everything I feel for you,   That’s something that’ll last.   Someday you’ll move on,  
Roses are red, State tests make me blue. Does any one else hate them? I SURE DO!          
Love... A dangerous game for two... I know I should ignore it... But I'd give it all up for you...
Lies I Believed, Over a period of time... VERY DANGEROUS. Everyone should avoid                (AT ALL COSTS!)
Your eyes, your smile, your hand in mine, Your laugh, your serious face, secrets that've bound us over time. Your jokes, your craziness, your special kind of mess, Your swears, your promises, the things we've confessed.
The art of the heart, Love grows because you make it. My heart's been through tough trial and error, So be careful, it's easy to break it.
To love you is to need you, To need you is to want you, To want you is to not have you, So I guess that's where I stand with you...
To love you is to need you, To need you is to want you, To want you is to not have you, So I guess that's where I stand with you...
It was less than a week ago, You told me you were mine, It’s time to face the truth… I know you lied. No matter how I try to deny it, I’ll always know it’s true. I guess I should’ve known,
If you love me, I hope you’ll tell me, If you don’t, I hope you won’t. Because I’d rather think you do, Than know for sure you don’t.
When I said my life was perfect, I actually might’ve lied. I lied again when I told you, That I was entirely fine.   I lied when I told you, When I said I’d be okay, I also lied when I insisted,
When you said I had you, I think you might’ve lied. You don’t realize how much I know, But I know what you tried to hide. You made me fold away my conscience, You were a temporary fix to the pain,
If I gave you my hand, Would you take it and lock your fingers in mine? If I gave you my time, Would you take it and Make it last a lifetime? If I gave you my love,
We finally confessed, To each other, our love, Since then I realized, You're more than I've ever dreamed of.  
Something happened the very first time I had with you, You melted my world and I felt something true. And everyone around me thinks I'm going crazy... But I don't care because I love you baby.
Who are you in the eyes of me? What a silly question to ask; can't you see? If it only could be answered so clear and simply, But I don't think you'd understand how much you mean to me. 
As everyone's rushing around the streets, I'll sit back, relax, and kick up my feet. I've no need to spend money on stuff, I already have what you're getting for Christmas, love.
I wish I could say we'll be together forever. (But that can't happen, we both know.) I want to say the kinks will work themselves out. (But we both know they won't.) I love you more than life itself.
With each day, You're given 86,400 seconds. It's up to you, To make the best of it.
You felt the same way all along, We are in love. This is everything and more, Than I've ever dreamed of.    
I've had a few broken hearts, And I know those few are only the start. Loved without holding back, And ended up using tape to stay intact. Wished upon a shooting star,
I've watched you play the girls, But this time you've sworn your love to me. Do you really have a soft side? Or am I just the same? You talk with them a week or two, And you walk away without shame.
A good poem will always start from the heart, And the heart doesn't have auto correct. So just pick up your pen, put it to paper, You'd be amazed at the words you collect.  
The day I don't have to lie, Will be the day we'll tell the truth. When they finally see eye to eye, I won't have to worry about losing you. But for now I'll just keep wishing. Saying I don't want to lie.
If today were my last, I'd know I gave it my all, And I'm okay with that. If today were my last, I'd smile with my last good bye, And I'd have no regrets. If today were my last,
If I died today, Would you wish you had've told me? Would you regret what you didn't say? Or would you even think of me? Would you wish you had've been nicer? Would regret playing your games?
Middle school can be so tough,  Friends can so mean,   Love can be so.. ugh.   It's not worth it, that's how it'll seem.   But you'll live without holding back,   You'll wish on some shooting stars,  
I feel your hands around my waist, My heart beats at a steady pace. Laying on me, I feel your eyes, It's like a bunch of butterflies inside.
It's in his kiss,   With his lips,   His blue eyes,   As they met mine
I've loved like I should, But lived how I shouldn't, Acted like every day was my last, Loved like most wouldn't. I've hidden my share of secrets, Erased every bit of doubt,
Memories held, Never to be told, Between the two of us, This'll never get old. Constantly running, Covering us. This must be how it feels, How it feels to be in love.
We took a chance, We took our shot, I hope this plan works out. But foolproof? It's not... We'll keep our secret, It's under lock and key, There's no one to confide in,
Since the first time we danced, The first time kissed, The first time we met, I've wanted us to be it...
Hoping I'd find love, Couldn't see how it'd be you... The others that broke my heart... Somehow I know this is true..
Forget the regrets, Ignore the truth, No matter the price, I'll run to you. This'll end in disaster, I'm no good for you, I still don't care, I'll run to you. When I start coming undone,
Love me like there's no tomorrow, And when something goes wrong, Slowly gently, let me go, With the words of our sweet song.
I could never ask for anything more... You and Me. And when the rain begins to pour... Just Kiss me. And when you have to walk out my door... Just Miss me. And when we're together, just being bored...
I never thought I'd hear you say it. "I love you..." I never thought I'd be saying it back... "I'll always love you, too..."
The stakes are high, The water's rough, The things we'll do... What we'll do for love...
We know this isn't right, But we choose to be wrong. We're supposed to go with the flow, But we're writing our own love song.
I miss that soft silence, As we both breathe in. I just hope that one day soon, I'll get to hear that silence again.
We know we're a little bit crazy, And probably not meant to be, But it'll take more to make us see, We're off the walls, just slightly, But we can make this easy, Because now it's just you and me.
I've never felt so close, With you I can be me, I've never felt so secure, If only we could really be...
More stories of you, Start to fall into place, They say you're amazing, They don't even know your name...
A secret held between us, Easier for you to overlook, The only way to spill for me, Is the ink on the notebook...
Only a few more years, It'll all fall into place, Give me one more moment, And I promise we'll run away. Just one little secret, And love you I may, I can't promise I'll keep it,
Just a kiss on the lips, Waiting for you to pull away, I never wanted it to end. Yeah, that was the day...
I toss and I turn, When I try to sleep at night, This time it's all your fault... You've brought my senses to a new height... 
It's like a millon shining stars spelling out your name, From the moment I said I hated you.. I love how somewhere in between, That changed to an I love you...
You swore to me you hated me, I swore my hate for you... I had my fingers crossed behind my back, Now I know you were lying too.
  We Love,   We Cherish.    We Hate,   We Perish.  
My heart is in your hands now, Please handle it with care. If you're not ready to care for it, Gently put it down and leave it there.
If I left, would you chase after me? If I cried would you be there for me? If I died, would you shed tears for me? And if I said I love you,  Would you say you love me,  too?
I'm a reader,   I'm a writer,   I'm a lover,   I'm a fighter.
Let's make today last as long as we can, For all we know, it may never happen again. Like it's the last time we'll live, we'll touch, Like it's the last time we'll kiss, the last time we'll love.
I'm a strong girl.   I keep it all in line.   Even if I'm not okay,   I manage to mumble the words "I'm fine."   They ask me if I'd lie to them,   Of course I'd never tell.
After two long years, Came to short days, I hope they're right, About true love always finding a way...
Weekends gone and days passed, I know you'll be there until the very last, By my side or miles away, I know we'll always be okay.
Your dark eyes get me, as the world fades away, please, hold me closer, and kiss me in the rain.
It's just wrong enough, Enough to feel right. We smile at each other, as our hands intertwine.
Together, We can do anything. Apart, I have no escape from pain.
Watching you, Watching me, Waiting for, Us to be.
My footsteps. They mark the schools, The trace my home, But best of all, They're next to yours.
Meeting you was fate, an act of destiny. Being your friends was choice, The right one, I think. But loving you? That was beyond my control. But hey, I'm not complaining.
They're crazy; they lie. But who cares what they say? They're full of themselves and jealous, We know it'll be okay.
Soem people think I don't see it. But I promise them I do. When I stick to one boy for a really long time..... I just really love you...
The memory of love is bittersweet, Though the love itself was insane. I used to think of it as perfect, Now all I find is pain...
Love is blind, as it tries to make life great. But life is too freaked out, Too crazy to see straight...
My hands are shaking cold... I love you. Your hands aren't meant for me to hold... You said you did too. I sincerely swore that I'd be true... I believed your lies. Somehow I still love you...
Yesterday night we went out to wander, Still just children, chasing after love. We ran around, hoping for, That sweet feeling so unheard of. We laugh at the stars and the shapes they make,
Somehow you brought my walls down, Never failing to make me smile, I hope I didn't make a mistake, Letting you sit down and stay a while.
Just another girl, All the same, Ordinary and simple, Just a different name. In love she may be, In love with you, But would she write, A poem? For You?
It's just wrong enough, Just enough to feel right. They never saw it comin' from us, And they swear it happened over night. But we know the truth, How long this has been. The two years going...
Why do I write in pencil? I'm afraid of permenant feelings. Why is your name in Sharpie? Because you're already permenant, darling.
Sad, lonley children  lost in their everlasting battle bewildered by the odd things shunned my the 'normal' ones. Names and labels,  scorching lives shooting down brilliant minds
To begin agian to live agian, to see the light at the end its all what is scene becouse its all that has been repeated agian tell the end.  
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
The sun has blackenened,and the orbs of light show theirselves.Outside we wait for long moments, with only eachother and the presence of our mouths.
I have come to hate everyone                  but That doesn't matter to you          because you You hate everyone too; so I stay.   The more I think about this disaster
We’ve only got one last night To light the town on fire I want to hold you tight Until morning dawns upon us
In the end It's you and me working hard against the odds   It's you and me together, forever against the odds hand in hand   Together, forever you remember, right?
We could be that old couple On the city park bench Who sit there and snuggle Every Thursday at noon. We could be that old couple Who everyone looks at And says, "How do they do it?"
Damsel. Unbelievable beauty. Tantalizing, fascinating, liberating. Ima make her love me, Forever. (Written in Cinquain Pattern 2)
We’ll play on the beach And lay on the sand We’ll swim through the ocean And dive off the land We’ll stare at the sky And gaze at the stars We’ll always be together Never quite so far
I’m the English nerd Never having enough Shakespeare on hand analyzing movie plots as if they were books wondering if in reality we are just a story with a destiny with some author out there
We were born alone to fight the unknown. God only knows how much longer  we can go. The internal battles are stuggles  we keep in bottles. Trying to express who we are in a civilization
People Only human We make mistakes We mess up and try to fix it Only then do we realize That it's too late.  Too Late. We are people. People of a hope that binds us.
If I was to write you a poem, It'd be like this On sticky notes Except instead of on your walls I'd plaster them to your heart and brain With super glue That way you'd know
Sitting in a room with four walls and thinking of life as it falls. We see it now and it’s gone tomorrow. What was done to cause so much sorrow? The times are changing and it’s becoming clear.
The poem untold The story of lives For nobody living is ever alone Despite how hard Our lives may become Through hardship and toil There is always a light A silver lining A hope to pursue
What are we, the people of today?All living a life, without much to sayMinor differences, amongst each otherBut all alike, one way or another
A blank white canvas Said and done Left for us to create Much fun To role out hills Of greens and browns And hang up stars Of yellow crowns We would make The perfect place
beautiful faces have alot of stories where is the truth,little wayne said i dont got no worries missing you for the longest time when we was together we was on the grind the fights we had cuz i was never in the house we fight and make up forgetti
I have coffee breath but it is worth it. I had concert breath and sleep deprivation but it is worth it to feel the energy of a dark room with only the stage lights and an acoustic guitar
Looking through a black girls eye What do you see? Ignorance is not uncommon It’s everything it can be Looking through a black girls eyes I see pain Pain that cannot be changed overnight
shine. rise. I shine and rise. We rise together. We are one. One shine. One heart.
african-american, caucasian two colors become one they say a war between the two has ended but the war between all races has only just begun.
He's worried that she might not smile everyday He's worried he'll miss her too much when he goes away He's worried that she won't laugh at his dumb joke He's so worried so much....dam he might choke
My home Beautiful seasons of crimsons and greens Vast blue seas I’m sorry Our greedy hands Ripped through your trees Poisoned your air and clear waters And brought fire into your sky
All living in a dream vivid we live like it all has been scripted Say we individuals but none of us different we are all the same carbon copies Think i'm wrong try to stop me
Heart feels so overwhelmed I look into your eyes And see the unexplainable Twists and turns of unexpected Happiness and sorrow All rolled into one smiling face
I am thinking thoughts, and thoughts are thinking me. Dreams are drawing lots, to which one it will be. Be it will, make what you may, and I will follow through. Come the ill, or Death's game play,
As times to come are seen from heav'n above, As life's pasture of green is burning bright, When eyes of men so keen do nothing miss, When hearts of gold are gleaned in dying night,
I once heard that our past is nothing more than our footsteps on the ground, we may have tripped once or twice but we've always found a way to carry on. I find that the shoes we wear often tell stories,
Do you hear that shh, listen closely Do you hear that shhh, listen closely Do you hear that sound the sound of a homeless man begging for beer, of children crying because mommy and daddy don't wanna hear
Is there a moment you’d go back to in time? To relive and absorb from the back of you mind? A moment so perfect and gone away. The way he held as we slowly did sway. So close and quiet it was a dream come true.
Just the powerof one Just the power of many United by all we’ve become I seize the day   Just what we’ve always wanted Just what can never be reached The colors of life seem brighter
Shoes against pavement, Head towards the ground, Trying to keep out the noises, Trying to keep out the sound.
Though very different God made us One. Gay, Gender confused, Bi We are One. Together we can protect Our brothers and sisters For we are One and for One we stand.
Through mushy puddles she wears a tranquil stare, Brows furrowed in ambition of getting there, Little steps, one by one, growing distant from the restrictions of mother’s arms,
Together we soar, Together we strive, Together we are great, Together we are alive; But not today, no, We have lost all equality, Judgments and discrimination, Create a growing fatality;
A cool tranquil breeze Rustles the tops of tall green pine trees, They sway slowly against the blue sky. Birds come down to the earth in a steady glide, Only to land upon a great white blanket Not dry, but wet.
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