Alone in the Crowd


Mono-one, single, alone

Nothing more, Not many, never anything, just one.

Mono mourns the missed, muttering:


“I am okay”



are at levels low

living with listless lives left longing

for freedom from this fire that forces this farce in front of our faces

forces those faces far from friends and family to tough the tides of tuition and attrition.


Tempting absolute temptation across tiring arches to attack tired and timeless attributes tempting tirelessly tempted, until nothing.


And as Plath once wrote


is an art, like everything else”

and as she did

she did it well



is an art, like life itself.

I, mono, participate well


trapped in my cell

trapped in my doubt

I feel like I’ve a knack


for no social attack.


Trapped like a man in a cell

with the keys to his freedom

when he’s free he’d ring a bell


Calling, “I could tell

that I was locked with no

hope to cope with the grudge

put against the tone of my own


..Was not I who locked myself

but all of you, and none of you helped,

helped me escape my own harshful mind

but it was me, and I took my own time


trapped in my self

trapped in my cell

with my own self blown

and soon my life not my own, unlike all of you


Poly- many, multi, mixed

Many more, Mostly many, always everything, never one

Several scream:


“We! Are! ...okay”


“What a million filaments.

The peanut-crunching crowd

Shoves in to See”

Stated by the Same Sylvia

Shoved to be seen


Seen by several for what we are

Alone in a crowd as one

Poly just as mono

and one just as many


to be gawked, glared and gilded

as the chosen one, the princess shielded

The misfit hated, and the never dated

the sports star king with his fountain of girls

and the awkward geek, whom fists are hurled


The mono goths and the poly pretty

the single sad and the happy many

All of one and as much as twenty

yet sadly one, a useless penny


We enter life as one, live it with many

but mono is one, and life full of plenty

So life is one, but you can always have two

because life is so much better with someone to do-

stuff with, I mean.


Better to watch movies

better to twerk it out

better to live life as lividly

to live and not shout


for crowds are a virtue

something to claim

to love viciously

to bask in their fame


but that’s all there is,

basking in fame

not much else to do

‘cept play the game


But I really hope that one day

I'll say the one way

of living like one prey

is just a little cliché,

to what I may decide to delay.

Delay and relay this cray cray idea that we must do as expected.


And I'm expected to respect those I don't inspect,

except when I accept for what they suspect.

A spec!

A little nothing that can do nothing with no thing.

A little wreck that crashes and bashes and wrecks themselves for nothing

with nothing

but everything they suspect.


Of joyless or joyful

It's yourself with whom you strife

But either way, it'll always be hard

And as such, such is life



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