A Kingdom without a Queen

For Ma Phyllis


There’s a small kingdom,
With many people,
Yet unknown to the world
That mourns the loss of their Queen.


The Queen was the originator of them all.
She smiled,
And lived in the hearts of all the subjects.


Everyone loved the Queen—
Those from which she birthed
And even the subjects whose stay in the kingdom came and went.


The bell now tolls for the Queen.
What will the kingdom do now?


No one can be like the Queen
We, the subjects, have been blessed with her soul
And pray to God that she knew of our love.


We cry and laugh
We play music and dance
We say kind words to each other along with moments of silence.


Time seems so cruel.
There were so many years that the Queen ruled,
Yet the burden of emptiness without her will carry on for an eternity—
For generations.


The kingdom will have to move on without their Queen
Or face collapse.


We thank the Queen
For the love,
And guidance she gave.


She loved her subjects.
We loved her.


The subjects are troublesome
Sometimes they argue and bicker
Have sinned and caused conflict,
Yet when it came to our Queen,
Some peace can be found.
We came together.


She loved us.
We continue to love her.


We will laugh,
And dance—
Carrying on her legacy
In our hearts and lives.


Thank you to the Queen
For all she has given us.
We love you
And miss you.


The subjects,
Will keep going for you.
Loving each other
Checking in with one another
Living our lives
Just as you lived yours.


The kingdom will go on.
We mourn as a one
Many people


Be at rest Queen.
We love you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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