Has America's Song Ever Been Great?

In America, the land of the privileged and home of hate, 

When has she ever not opened her borders? 

Has the United States ever been Great? 


To the slaves who entered in a fatal fate? 

Or to the immigrants who followed their dreams who are now poverty fodder? 

In America, the land of the privileged and home of hate. 


Her borders have been opened to the black masses she incarcerates. 

How will she ever make room for another? 

Has the United States ever been Great? 


Will there be room for another in her gates? 

Room for another besides her big white male brother? 

In America, the land of the privileged and home of hate. 


Is there room for the one we have forgotten up to this date? 

Or is this country locked within God's final order? 

Has the United States ever been great? 


It is time for a new song to seal our fate! 

A song for the oppressed free who are brave enough to become martyrs! 

In America, a land who will one day return to God and be home to no hate! 

The United States, together, will someday be Great! 


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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