Through the screen

As I sit here and stare

and ask why I do not care

the thoughts of good times and fun

experiencing the warm sun

I  look at my phone

but do not cry that I am alone.

Through this tiny screen

all can be seen.

My mother waves hello.

My sister and brother eat jello.

I smile and watch the waves

as if I am in a daze.

This perfect world is right here

and my family is still so near.

With this small little phone,

I know I am not alone.

Justin Bieber plays on the speakers

as I slip off my sneakers.

My sisters face appears on the screen.

I shield my phone from the suns gleam.

Although they are a million miles away

their voices and faces will continue to stay

trapped in my little phone

ensuring me I am not alone.


This poem is about: 
My family


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