The Birth of End


1.)It starts with a smile 

And nothing happens for a while

For he whispers the magic words

The magic words that will lead to more 

2.)He holds your hand 

Glad that he's yours to have

His soft hand slides up and down your arm

Making you sleepy and warm

3.)A passionate kiss comes next

Feeling his soft lips and smelling his scent

He kisses you again 

And both your souls begin to mend

4.)By now you guys are more than friends

Secret love letters you to will send

Trying to make time for each other

Sending you the most beautiful flowers

5.)A tear slides down your cheek 

He proposed to you he's kneeling by your feet

You hug him and he spins you around 

You've gotten married you feel so proud

6.)A little girl and boy were born

Both you and him brought them into this world

Oh how they grow so fast

Leaving everything including their past

7.)You feel so old and helpless

But he is by your side, you are blessed

You've grown so old together 

You hope it will stay like that forever

8.)You lie next to him and him next to you

He kisses you one more time out of the blue

He holds your hand with a tear on his face 

"Goodbye my love" he cries, "I'll see you in a better place"


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