You and Me

My gaze falls upon your radiant face

And all I can see is your flawless grace

When I am down you would make me smile

I hope that you will stay around for a while


I am the sun and you are my moon

All of my thoughts you do consume

I love you with all my heart, I do

I hope that you’ll say you love me to


How can I frown when you’re by my side

When I’m with you I don’t have to hide

My doubts and my fears, they all go away

Your beautiful smile is like a new day


You are the day and I am the night

Your twinkling eyes, they shine so bright

Yes I love you with all my heart

Nothing will ever keep us apart


In the dark I’ll be your light

In the war I’ll be your knight

Past the stars, through time and space

I’ll win the fight, I’ll keep the pace


When I’m with you I don’t have to fear

Because I know that you’re always near

When my heart beats fast I know it’s true

When I say that I love you.


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