Given Me Life

We’ve always shared the words we never speak

The light in our eyes betrays the secrets we keep.

Moonlit night keeps harbor near the stars

luminescent reminders that even the night shows its scars.

Dreams covered our hearts with the beauty of the future

While nightmares dragged us to the point of suture.

The memories remain of the last time I saw you

That beauty was more than what I believed to be true.

Somewhere in time this world has come to be

Our lives one of the richest events to see.

Stare unto the horizon as the moon gives way to sun

The line wavers under the beams but never comes undone.

The bitter taste of past regret has soaked this tongue before

Memories of slamming doors and words we said to open sores.

Still these smiles have stood our darkened days

As our shadows fall into each other I know these hearts will stay.

Lest I forget someday my life will end and this dream will die

But the moments we have shared make it worth the final breath

For my life would’ve ended long before I reached my death.


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