The Great Unknown


My bedroom
Buckingham Drive
44° 41' 46.5828" N, 63° 50' 21.7068" W

Are you feeling better now?

If so, tell me how

Tell me how you find it in you, in your mind

To put aside everything you think

And to see what you can find.


See if you can find the good in your heart

The strife and will for a new start

The urge to change your old ways

To finally step out of the cloud of haze.


And if I do find it

I'll try my best to commit

Commit to following your actions

And try to ignore the world's abstractions.


Because the world can be a terrible place

To do good you need to have a strong base

Making it through life alone never works

Along with it's difficulties comes very few perks.


So know for next time

Never to take this journey alone

And you'll discover the great unknown.


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