We Are Giant


Thousands of ecstatic black seats in arena shape form,

ready to be filled with electric fans watching their team preform.

As each cold seat is being filled up one by one...

they look at each other, hoping that there should be more than just one home run.

Crowds of orange and black reach out as far as eyes can see,

all singing a funny tune and as in sync as can be.

Overflowing smell of popcorn and hot dogs roam the air,

while others are yelling "Come right up and get your peanuts right here, right there!"

Smelling like baseball season,

they all came to AT&T Park for just one reason.

When I stand up, I get the chance to look at the oversized coca-cola superslide, 

and then I glance at the San Francisco bay, a tourist spot worldwide. 

As I sit back down, Lincecum then throws the first pitch.

Fast like quick bursts of yellow lightening, I notice myself twitch.

Few moments later the crowd begins to cheer with chants of excitement.

I pull out my glove, but the little boy to the right of me cathces the famous ball;

although disappointed I notice his face glow with enlightment.

"I caught it, I caught it" the little boy would say.

She looked happy for him, but soon realized that it was almost the end of the day. 

The little boy's dad takes a peak at me and says, "It's your first game? Then you deserve this ball, it sure isn't his."

Respectfully I decline, but shocked at the dad's nice and sweet reply. 

And just like birds flying in a pack to go south for winter...we were reliant.

Because together we are giant.



Romina Shafikhani

To whom this may concern:

Hey! My name is Romina Shafikhani and I am currently a Senior at Cupertino High School in California. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are known as being the "most intelligent city" due to the fact that more than half of adults here have a college degree, and for the numerous amounts of young entrepreneurs who reside here as well.

Something that has really affected me is being involved in multiple sports teams and of course cheering on our bay area sports. My favorite sports team of all time would have to be the San Francisco Giants. Not only do all of the athletes exuberate happiness and confidence, but they are also very unique and promote individuality. It amazes me how many different people who live completey seperate lives, and contain different personalities can all come together to achieve a common goal. Whether that goal is to raise money for a certain organization, walking a mile or two to remember an important individual, posting a status on Facebook to send awareness to others, or even something as simple as supporting your bay area.

This poem represents my first time going to a San Francisco Giants game and experiencing the true meaning of unity. I hope that whoever is reading my poem can either relate,or get a glimpse of what I was so lucky to be a part of! 

Thanks again!

Romina Shafikhani 

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