The Distant One

You have been held many moments
But in the morning, what's to find?
Face after face, all fading into one.
Growing cold and distant-
Wondering if your heart is still capable, of just coming undone.
Needing so badly, to fill the emptiness-
Though as time passes, it's only grown.
Those moments you are held
Become the loneliest you've ever known
But how can you journey past
Darkened days off long ago?
How can you hear a wound, if you're afraid to let it show?
They'll, one by one walk into your life,
As surely they'll walk out
They only feel your distance, don't know what it's all about
And you'll keep in searching
For that someone you long to find
Slipping further and further away-
Not only in your heart, but also in your mind.

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