The life of one and some others


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I filled this out before, but it didnt read it

it was a dumb mistake, I went back instead of reading it

I understand know, how everything in this world is a misery,

this world is cruel, and there is no stopping it,

Then I began, I knew why, but then that was broken down by the spirit,

I hated everything, and everything hated me,

I knew pain, sorrow, death, love, happiness, anger,

And for me this was something that happened all in one day,

I have no start, no one does.

But why should that mean, we have to be put down

We should rise and forgive and forget the ones who ruined our lives

My life, my life is for me and no one else,

So later I am done with the world,

Human trial and error,

For What?

A new start, but what is to start if it has already begun.

Then I began, and it was good.

So I am done, so I can do what I want,

Not what others want,

This my life, and no one can stop me.

For I know shagrime, shame, and regret,

But I know this with my life,

For I have been offended a countless amount of times,

But I know now to look past it,

To find what makes me work,

To take a look at the pain and put torwards the path

The path of rightousness,

So I can be alone with others,

That share the same passion I have,

This will happen, and I can make it happen,

Not only for me,

But for others with the same characteristic,

I will learn to love,

I will learn to understand the meaning,

So I will wait and pick it up again,

But first I must begin. 

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