How We Will Win. or What We Will Lose

blades blunt 

and people break

men will hunt 

we make mistakes  

preyed on runts 

its them we forsake

we're just the grunts 

and we work for snakes 

who we should confront 

but we to, were afraid.

too afraid to speak up 

we kept quiet for our own sakes 

we kept our heads down 

didn't realize what was at stake 

so on our own tears we will drown 

because all we knew was fake 

we accepted poison for our crown 

this lie will take the cake

the rest of us are clowns 

from this stupid dream we could not wake

couldn't see till we were shown  

so now we must remake 

and though we all bemoan

we should really should have known 

that life was not as we disown 

it is all that we had condone

so yes i understand why we dethrone 

all the lies that we've out grown 

but we should never fear the unknown 

nor should we ever walk alone 

so build a woodpile and strike the flintstone

call to the others to let them know 

that we will not fear the unknown 

we will not hide behind a throne 

nor will we neglect what we once condoned

we will move together but not like a clone 


we will move as many and yet as one 

like every tiny breeze in a cyclone 

we will push ourselves out of our comfort zones 

so we finally stop the voices that groan

and tell us to leave them alone 

but no.

we refuse 

what was written in stone

we will chose 

our own paths and will not postpone 

we will not bow to snakes 

our power will be like a cyclone 

we will not bow to fakes 

and now the wind begins to blow 

we will not hide and shake 

because we were skin and bone 

we will work 

and we will chose 

how we will win, or what we will lose 







This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



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