Come Together For Country's Sake


Sitting in a room with four walls and thinking of life as it falls.

We see it now and it’s gone tomorrow.

What was done to cause so much sorrow?

The times are changing and it’s becoming clear.

Why should change cause so much fear?

We fear the change that could make us better.

That "Miracle" change that’s supposed to bring us together.

Our soldiers fight for no resolution, next thing you know there goes our constitution.

We complain about the plans that are coming, and how we all walk around with no money.

In a democracy its citizens choice.

So let’s come together and rejoice.

We must not walk a path that’s not ours.

We should have pride in our country like our founding fathers.

Why complain when action is not taken.

 To have a voice causes the biggest reaction.

With this one voice that we all carry can make us all be very happy.

Why should we live in dark, when our voice can cause the biggest spark?

The spark that will turn this whole thing around, back to the time we had no frown.

When people could live with ease, and not worry about what’s leering in the trees.

Back when living was a breeze.

Back to the time we worked till the job was done.

Back when we had our freedom.

This poem is the only thing I have to make people believe that they have not won.

There is more work that needs to be done.

This is my country and yours to.

So let’s get together for the good ol' red white and blue.

Thank you.



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