Loving You

My love for you is greater than all the stars in the galaxy. 

Love so pure and true. 

Love so perfect, you’re my best view. 

You make me so happy, and excited. 

Sometimes angry and mad. 

But you’re the best. 

I’m so glad. 

So glad, you’re stuck with me forever. 

Forever and ever you’re mine. 

You can’t be replaced. 

You comfort me. 

You’re my personal doctor, showing me all the right signs. 

We click and connect like a successful sniper handler. 

Like Bonnie and Clyde, we are in this together. 

You and I are unstoppable. 


My love for you goes deeper than the veins on your heart. 

Just like the kidneys, breasts, lungs, testes and ovaries. We are inseparable. 

Deeper than the surgical needles. 

Deeper than the ocean. 

Soaring to new heights like an eagle. 

Deeper than you could ever imagine. 

Love is so passionate, I’m here to stay. 

Abandonment won’t happen. 

I don’t need a fortune teller to tell me how lucky I am with you. 

Like Neyo said, “You’re my one in a million”

One in a billion. 

One in a trillion. 

I love you. 




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