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beautiful faces have alot of stories where is the truth,little wayne said i dont got no worries missing you for the longest time when we was together we was on the grind the fights we had cuz i was never in the house we fight and make up forgetting what it was about love is what we said we had for eachother you wanted a daughter truth is im already a mother i have a daughter that i care dearly about i didnt wanna tell you no, not out of my mouth she is three and is the sweetest there is she fills my heart with passion and bliss miliani diamond i wish her last name was spady i want us to be together a family at the latest daquese i wanna let you meet my baby but i dont know if you are going to be mad ,mabey, you will reject both of us chosing between you and her imma be crushed chosing my baby first and forever i hope you will sencerily read this and not tear up this letter hubby i love you with all of my heart i hope we could be together as a family never again apart


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