Moments Of Love So Pure


United States
33° 28' 34.8672" N, 112° 17' 52.8432" W

A cool tranquil breeze
Rustles the tops of tall green pine trees,
They sway slowly against the blue sky.
Birds come down to the earth in a steady glide,
Only to land upon a great white blanket
Not dry, but wet.
Footprints stitch the cover,
Two sets, one beside the other
Weaving between the towering trees.
The fresh cool air puts the body at ease.
Upon the edge of a chilled lake,
The footprints seem to wait
In front of an old wooden bench placed beside the shore,
Where two people occupied it the night before.
Alone together to watch the falling sun,
Sharing moments so pure of a love never undone.


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