Whether you’re in the states or overseas

Lift your chin and feel the breeze

The distance may overcome

Like clouds sometimes cover the sun

But without a doubt after the snow

There comes the rain followed by a rainbow

Every year flowers wither and bloom

For in this there’s no everlasting doom

Sometimes there’s bumps and this is another trial

So don’t hide from the world the beauty of your smile.

This isn’t the end, we haven’t even hit half

Because there won’t be a time I’ll be sick of your laugh.

There might be a shadow you think doth cast

Over your future because of your past.

You may win and you may lose

But life is about the choices you choose

So pick your head up and put one foot in front of the other

Because despite what happens we’ll always have each other

No matter what life may bring I’m here to stay

Because not even death could keep me away

For nothing is strong enough ever to sever

Loves ultimate bonding promise of forever.



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