I feel the earth under my back, pressing against me as I am pressed against it, equal so that there is no tremble. The world is still. I let my fingers lie loosely, the apple that had rolled out of my hand still only a foot or so away. I feel the dirt creeping into the crevices in my fingers, under my nails, between my toes. I feel my bare flesh melding with the soil. A leaf falls, and I hear the wind it brings with it, coolly raising small bumps on my skin. Birds twitter above me and squirrels shake the branches, rustling them together to break what would otherwise be an eerie silence. Behind my eyes I still see the world outside, the world which I can only try and escape from - I can still see the trees, protecting me from it with their trunks.  

Here I am one with this earth and it’s world. Here I am we, and we are in unity, surrounded by solidarity, the earth and I.


Then suddenly he walks up from behind and lays down beside me, a tuft of black brown hair above a set of black frames. My eyes open, and looking up, I see a light streaming through the trees that I never knew was there. I feel it falling upon my face, warm and yellowey, and with it I feel my life slipping back into my arms from the earth beneath me. He broods, dark and mysterious and quiet and then smiles; Lord let there be light. It’s contagious, and addictive - in that moment, I realized that if you look close enough, you can see Mars rovers driving over the red, sandy brown his eyes have to offer. If you look close enough, you’ll want to curl up in his pupil and sip on the warm emerald chocolate around the outer rim; you’ll want to go diving in the depth, swimming in the liquid gold. He moves ever so slightly, and in the wind I can smell him. Warm and sweet, like chocolate chip cookies; he smells like a drop of golden Texas sun -- blue, and fresh, and masculine. He offers me his hand, willing to take the weight of the earth that is still pulling on my skin. Warm, soft, strong and sturdy, his hands make me feel like I could stand on them and touch the stars. I feel safe, enclosed in his firm trunks of arms; I feel ready. I can’t help but bask in the sunlight he omits, falling on my skin from every angle, warming me like I have never known warmth. He pulls me and with his lips he gives me life. He gives me life not only for today and not only for me but for everyone, and for always. He takes hold of my hand, and leads me away from the forest in which I held myself hostage - away from the damp, dark place in which I romanticized a life not worth living. With his wings he shows me the sun, a light so blinding, but so warm that I would give my sight to stay in its blanket. With his heart, he gives me wings of my own, and with a kiss we fly together - to a world of our own, within a world we can’t own. With his love, he has given me Eden within mediocrity.



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