The House

We live in a house made of each other.

If that sounds strange,

That’s because it is.


Each individual person lives in their own home,

While providing a piece of housing to somebody else.

You may be a tile on the floor that one person walks on,

Or the roof that protects them.

You are the walls holding a person inside,

And the door letting them leave.

You can be the bed that makes people lazy,

Or the alarm clock that makes them get going.


You are not limited to one part.

For every person we affect,

We become a new part.

And each person around you,

Is a part in your house.

So while you may be a tile of the floor in someone’s house,

But you are the roof of another person’s home.


Every person has a role,

In every house they visit.

Every person has a duty,

To fit into their spots.

If you’re feeling unimportant in one house,

Remember you exist in hundreds more.

And every house you are in,

No matter how small you think you are,

You are vital.


Think of screws and nails.

Think of glue and concrete.

Small, yet essential.

Without the screws,

Without the nails,

Where would we be?

Our houses wouldn’t exist.

So if you ever feel like you’re small,

If you ever feel insignificant,

Remember the smallest items,

Are often the most important.


Each and every one of us can reach success,

If only we learned to live within our houses.

Once you accept that as a person,

You must sometimes be someone’s floor,

Or someone’s toilet,

You can advance yourself.

You also have a floor comprised of people,

And each person on your floor,

Has their own floor.

Yet at the same time,

We all have our roofs and alarms,

We all have our walls and doors.

When we figure out how to utilize each part,

And accept that we must play each part ourselves,

We can all succeed.


~Kyle Thomas

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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