No Longer Pretending


I'm a strong girl.


I keep it all in line.


Even if I'm not okay,


I manage to mumble the words "I'm fine."


They ask me if I'd lie to them,


Of course I'd never tell.


I just don't want them to know,


You're the reason why I fell.


But sometimes I get tired,


Of pretending it's all okay.


But I keep on trying,


Even as my smile fades away.


When I finally come to tears,


I sneak away alone.


I text the one person that knows,


And pray she'll pick up the phone.


It's like she already knows,


the moment her phone rings,


She knows that I need help,


And she's there to comfort me.


Whether by my side,


Or miles away,


She knows how to convince me,


That it'll all be okay.


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