If I’m in denial, then why am I here?

Denial’s all the way in africa, and I’m all the way here.

But I’m drowning either way, I’m floating discontent

Did they honestly mean that? Is that what they meant?

Can I trust those who are trusted? It’s been broken before

I’ve given up years ago and I can give up on more

But that’s not why I’m here, as free as can be.

and Nobody Knows the troubles I’ve seen

and nobody know’s my sorrow

Nobody knows what I think about each day

and Nobody knows about tomorrow

It’s sickening, I’m saddened but my hearts full of rage

But in the world I’m happy, I’m smiling on stage

Everyone thought that I’d bring a cheap laugh

But I’m here to say, on my own behalf:

I’m sorry that I’m not funny and this poems so very down

But on this stage, I can stand with a frown

Yet we’ve never discussed what I’m in denial about

I’m in denial about our future. I’m in denial from doubt

That as a generation we care more about jokes

while countries around the world are rising in smoke

That companies take advantage and exploit the unaware

and I doubt that a single one of you genuinely even care

You all care about celebrities and what they do with their day

when why should we care? They are literally the same

as us, but we look up to them because money is power

But it was given to idiots and it makes my mind sour

like milk that’s been in the fridge a week or so too long

But no one realizes what they’re doing is wrong

We should be paying attention to real power in play

Like did anyone actually vote for Tillis or Kay?

Because these guys affect us, there paid to represent

us as a people, not themselves and their wallet

This is the elephant in the room and he’s standing here tall

and no one wishes to acknowledge it at all

Actually here you go, Here’s my wallet, I give up

They’ve already taken my money, So wake up

I’ve got a joke for you all right before I’m through

You all can turn your wallets in too.

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