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I once heard that our past is nothing more than our footsteps on the ground, we may have tripped once or twice but we've always found a way to carry on.
I find that the shoes we wear often tell stories,
They may hide in the holes but you can read it in the soles
You have gone through quite a journey.
And no matter how far you go,
Your shoes will return to tell the story,
They'll say "I have walked a mile but it seemed like so much more because it was all uphill".
As humans, we feel pain.
Believe me it doesn't tickle.
But that pain doesn't last forever, we always find something to make us feel better.
Like those shoes you got last summer, you know the ones. The ones your mom got you remember?
But my feet have grown now, and I no longer fit those size 7 shoes.
But my journey has led me to greater heights,
That mile walk made me that much stronger,
My legs that much more faster, that much more solid, like the boulder I tried to push over an it just won't budge,
Or like the tree in my granfather's backyard I tried to push over when I was seven, thinking that I was the strongest man in the word...

I once heard from a wonderful girl, that our past is nothing more than our footsteps on the ground, we always find a way to carry on.
I'll go to this girl and I will look at her shoes,
They will tell me everything.
There are no holes but I can read it in her soul,
That she is broken.
I will go and hand her my shoes and she'll know what I'm doing because she'll have a pair of her own, looking for someone to give them to.
Look behind you. Those are our...


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