The Stars Look Better With You


The sun has blackenened,
and the orbs of light show theirselves.
Outside we wait for long moments, 
with only eachother and the presence of our mouths.

Whisper softly, I warn.
Don't scare away the time we have left.
Words wanting to speak out,
but too worried you would see my breath.

Slowly, a star reveals itself to us.
Take a picture, don't let it vanish.
The sky looks down and it sees two people.
The night. The greatest advantage. 

One look at me, and you would only see half.
A person that is not yet whole.
Notice the bright figures around you.
Only the dark can complete their soul.

Will my eyes say what's in my heart?
Stop asking, I mustn't tell the words I long to.
Stand next to me, my missing part.
Just remember, the Stars Look Better With You.

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love this... beautiful imagery

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