There Are Times

  There are times

When speaking out is important.

There are times

When being heard can change the world.

There are times

When being different means everything.


But there are also times when change cannot happen.

There are times when change should not happen.


There are times

When change must wait.

When voices must be silent

And we must all be one.


There are times

When no one should different

And yet no one should be the same, and

There are times

When you and I speak for the same thing

And times when we do not.


Right now,

No one understands

That the land of the free is locking itself up.


No one understands that

Respecting yourself

And creating respect for yourself

Is not the same as making a voice for yourself.


There is a time

For change to come quietly

And for change to come in stability.

Now is that time.


It is time

For the land of the free

And the home of the brave

To be brave together

And to be free together.


It is time

For the internal strife

And the external meddling

To end.


It is time

For that which is called “United”

To be united once again.


It is time

To face the fear

To face the pain

And to face the suffering.


It is time

To be the country that we say we are.

To have the strength we are meant to represent.


It is time

For struggling together,

Instead of against each other,

Which will end the struggle

Of all times.

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