Moon rays dance across his sparkling eyes

He holds his hand tight- never to release his pride

He runs like a warrior ready for battle

But he’s never known the terror behind scars-

His eyes are open he wants to accept the shattered

He wants to protect and keep her safe from harm

But he can’t sand the imperfections of broken glass.

Yet there he stands like a soldier

Tall proud awaiting his call

But he has never known the terror behind scars

Fragments of his coveted reflection lay scattered around his feet

He has yet to fashion himself whole.

He struggles to build an image he can only see in calm waters-

Slowly breaking himself apart

Soon he will know the horror behind his flesh imperfections-

Prying open his fingers loosening his grasp on self commitments

He keeps his heart exposed

She doesn’t know his terror behind the scars-

She does not attempt build the flawless image seen in the serene waters

Therefore she attains them-

Taking refuge in each other pieces fuse to one another

An ever changing reflection


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