Looking back to the times, 
We laughed so hard.
Can't you just see
How perfect you are? 
The ideas we share, 
The words exchanged, 
And when we mess up, 
Each taking our blame.
The happiness we've found, 
Plus joy and strength,
For the two of us, I'd go
Past any length.
So here are these feelings, 
Both tried and very true.
Now do you understand? 
Listen, I love you.



Now this, great punctuation with this astonishing poem!!! Yet again I  am able to feel similer feelings, the joy of one time and the pain of one loss. Yet in the end, may I ask, does joy ever end once it has been set in stone. Because the memories that are given to us are ones we make our own and we keep forever and can recite to for the rest of our lives.

White Raven

Now, I read the comment before mine and well I can't write english that complicated so yeah I can just say wonderful poem. I love it and can relate pretty good to it. 


Beautiful and very well written! :)


Simple. Beautiful.

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