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Am i really hating men with the way they have treated me with their words, their hostility- i find none, no remorse, no feeling and no appology. They are but bare faced men with a truth
First, above all else; I hope you are well. I hope you are happy And cared for And maybe even loved The way I was meant to love you The way I wanted to love you The way I would have loved you
Once before, I thought I was in love, but I soon realized that this was not true, And I was questioning if I ever would feel it for you, but that was until I met you.
All of my heroes were housewives Smoke a cigarette and pour me some wine Pop me a pill and I'll start to unwind
  I love when a man is nervous to talk to me for the first time Not in a masochistic way Or a rude way I just love the way they blush Or the way they trip on their words Or fidget with their fingers
I am dreaming about pies Or maybe it was chrysanthemums Or the way your laugh sounds like distant thunder and I always loved thunderstorms.   I hear your breath in my ear to remind me that it is 7pm
Here we stand Much to their surprise Or dismay Or confusion Fat men are a whisper A forest cut down for comedic relief Only seen if we are funny Only loved if we have money
It’s hard to believe someone when they say they want you when you’ve spent your whole life knowing your an object for sex.
It’s hard to believe someone when they say they want you when you’ve spent your whole life knowing your an object for sex.
All my life I’ve been around Niggas who think they can take something  From me My skin Rips at the sight of them Their teeth
Now It's Simply My Vibe... !!! But Now I Believe That The Price Is TOO HIGH... !!!! To Have That HOT Wife Whose Got Those FIRM THIGHS... And Boobies SO FINE That They Actually BLIND... !!!!!
It Seems Most Relationships Now... CRASH or BURN... !!! So Choose A Sound Girl To Have In YOUR WORLD... !!! BEFORE You Are FORCED To Get A DIVORCE... !!!
Okay... LISTEN Baby... ... " Ya REALLY DON'T Get Me !!! " ...
Are men from Mars, women from Venus? A woman aims to improve a man But a man only wants acceptance A man for motivation must feel needed But a woman too must feel cherished
Somethang make me unhappy😒 daddy who make babies and leave a young mother to be a pappy.
God created world but wasn't very happy for what he saw Thought how could He make it better and more interesting He wasn't sure what He needs to do and pondered for long
Men Too Cry
Women are equal,  Just as men,  But when men need help,  They ask another man A women can do  Anything a man can do  But some men 
These Days I'm ... " Hearing " ... LOTS of Things About Peoples' Relationships ... ALL Kinds of PROBLEMS Between Women and Men ... ?!?
Depression grips my wrist like a child in a storm Holding me a hostage, in my head and in my dorm Filling me with sadness that cannot be explained Like my head is full of cannon balls and my ankles all but chained.
MAN I Sure Can Pick Em' ... !!!!!! These ... CONFUSED Women ... It's Like I'm DRAWN Somewhat Forlorn ... Like A King That's PINNED On An Old Chess Board ... THIS ONE Was TALL ... Waistline Small ...
WOMEN ... Raise Children ... !!! BITCHES Have ... " Kids " ... !!! WOMEN Are Forgiving ... !!! BITCHES Have STINGS ... !!! BITCHES Will Say ... "Men aren't nice to them !' ...
What You CHOOSE Can DAMAGE You ... !!!!! So Choose WISELY And Make SMART Moves ... !!! Before You Find Yourself In A BIND ... That Leaves You TRAPPED With NO Backpack ... !!!
They ... HATE IT Don't They ... ?!? When You ........................................................... IGNORE Them .....
Learn to own your own. If you mess up, you must say sorry don't blame it on this or that You claim to be lone subject to popularity and favor but you are the one who wears that mask  
Some Girls And Women Nowadays ... REALLY Make Me LAUGH .... !!!!! They CLEARLY THINK They're SMART ... So CHOOSE To PLAY The ... " CHASE ME Game " ... !!! Well ... "Not me babe !" ...
Listen Man … " What you waiting for ? " ... A Housewife And Mother Who Acts Like A WHORE … !?! Good Luck With That Man ... !!! If You Find One Like THAT TRUST Me She's UNIQUE … !!!
She's One of THEM Who DISMISSES Men ... !!!!!!! Because She Says She's INDEPENDENT ... !!!!! And In This Case THIS ONE Is French ...
What A Shame ... What A Shame ... !!! You Like To Play Games And CLEARLY Like To SNIFF Cocaine ... !!! Why Let Your Brain Go Down The Drain Why Be Like THAT Babe PLEASE Explain ... !!!
The man has superior citizenship amongst creations being earth's caretaker. He was created first and given a woman only when living alone was sadder. Formed in his Creator’s image,  GOD looks like a man and not like a woman.
Why Girls ... WHY ... ? Do You Like To TRY ... To MESS With The MINDS of .... " LOVING Guys " .... ?!?
So What Are You An ... " Educated Fool " ... !?! Or One Who THINKS You're ... " GQ Smooth " ... !!! I'm Neither of These But What Are You ... ?!? A Woman Using Sexual Tools ... ?!?!?
Girls These Days Are So Confused ... ?!? They Seem To Be In ... " Alices' Shoes " ... !?! YES ... " Wonderland " ... ?!?
What Is It With ... ... " Modern Women " ... ??? That Makes Men Want Them .... ? Cos' Women These Days ... Drive Men Round The Bend ... !!!!!
Medusa was an ugly girl, Or so the stories told. Her looks might not have been ideal, But she had a heart of gold.   
Now here's a story most fellas know ! You're chatting in a bar and see a SHINY STAR ! NOT one up in the sky but one with female thighs ! She catches yes your eye when you utilise the mic
my hair used to be my most prized possession (so i cut it shoulder-length and dyed it black) as were my dignity and worth, but right now 
When we have gone through something traumatic like a guy trying to get in our pants when we are not wanting it  Or we are assaulted or in an abusive relationship
I am a man  A simple, 2 bells and one whistle man. I do not fear my existence. I just am. My saying this should not offend you. I certainly mean no harm.
How can Men control our bodies When They refuse to wear a condom Or Even knows how a tampon works Instead of sticking them  Up your nose Why don't you educate yourself because
  The city street is their territory And we are their prey. I used to not mind it so much. Their stares. And their piercing howls.
“You’re so interesting/mysterious/hard to know” Men seem obsessed to crack my shell “Let me get to know you/buy you a drink/come over/watch a movie with you”
feminism /ˈfeməˌnizəm/ noun
“It’s not rape if you like it” a sentence created from arrogance ”it’s not rape if you like it” a sentence formed by the uneducated  “it’s not rape if you like it” do you mean arousal non-concordance
I was hanging on by a thread, Fear grasped on to me I hyperventilated, thinking of it made me sweat. I was never strong enough, Bold enough, Courageous enough, To leave the cage I was bound to.
What does going through a breakup and being cheated on and being betrayed feel like?   It feels like I have to wake up every  morning with a smile on my face and 
Armies of men fall at the feet of Beauty, and we're taught that women are weak.   Men watch their brothers transform into monsters, and we're taught that real men don't cry.  
I like the way your adult braces feel against my tongue how our stomach rolls fold in together you make me want to fuck you twice and even get coffee in the morning
I hate the way she looks; But I want to look just like her. Her olive skin and dark hair, Her hips that curve wider and wider. But that’s her not me. She’s fake but I’m not good enough either.  
What Is Sex Really About?   Someone once asked me, what is sex really about? Is it when a man climax and your name he utters out? Is it the intimacy of the act between a woman and man?
Day, weeks, and months of these  broken men, they grow like trees they reach for a sky they can never obtain struggling for life and living in pain their arms branch out for someone to love
Dear Men, I can't even remember the first time I was catcalled as it happens so frequently it now feels like a routine.
my past defines me, i am, the girl he keeps from his friends, a secret, not good enough, unheard
It’s my first time. The words. Hanging off my tongue. He’s the first. He’s special. We’ve been together for so long time. I’m nervous. Terrified. Ecstatic.
You water me with your reassurance You made me feel beautiful You dowzed me with sun You forgot to water me  You left me to welt You told me I was pretty  Yet you left me out to welt
  You were my best friend Or at least I'd like to pretend But i guess every story has two sides I remember that morning you were more than just my friend,
Suffered. Hurt. Buried.  How many more violent words can she take? How many more bruises do you think that she has?  He vowed to love her on their wedding day, but he had put up a facade. 
Black man, I see the sulk in your eyes, The wrinkles, the bags of countless years of work, Trying to race ahead through the obstacles,
Dear boy, You're not a man. A man does not hurt women A man does not manipulate A man does not use social media platforms to harrass an individual A man does not make me say #MeToo A man loves women
Dear Aidoneus, Goddess of death! Za, God of men! Why must you sit on your ligneous chairs drenched in ichor?
premeditated achievementwarm kisses sporadically laidin a sea of bewilderment between the cotton waves enclose me in your pillowsdeep in the feathery sandour smiles graze the skies
Dear young women,   One day, you'll have your hair pulled by a boy and You'll hear your grandpa tell you he just has a crush on you, That he's just a boy, so what else could you expect?  
Dear men in my life,   There is so much chaos running through my body Through my veins, Through my mind, Through my soul.  Where can I go To find true peace and happiness?   Love
Society its always the answer or the well thought out solution. theres no room for any type of change or evolution, When you know the revolution, won’t be televised but you stayed tuned in.
Girls are meant to be the assistant in a magic show Better seen not heard We should appear and disappear like the bunny out of your hat or the dove from your cloak. We have to change into whatever you want...
I'm sorry I woke you You used to say I could. You crossed your fingers, nodded your head, like I knew you always would. You whisper sweet words of decit, as you look into my eyes
Sisters-  If a man ever pleads  with you, saying, "It's  what all guys do  to girls," it is  your job to tell him  but one thing: be different. 
For one does not know the meaning of love Until one has fallen captive For now, they think of only the other And how it all had happened  
I feel like your choking me when i am around you, but i breath, because i love you.   I tried to fight my feelings,  but victory was impossible, because i love you.  
You told me you loved me  Ain’t hear that in a while  i’m just so used to broken heart aches  and wearing a mask over my smile  Don’t tell me that you love me and 5 minutes later you’re someone new 
my baby he loves me so he tells me (you’re a chore) to break me open like a tidal wave and i will always return to him to this love       this is love
I love you but you don’t know Yet How I gaze at you through your bedroom windows How I marvel at your beauty as you study in the library
The question I ask myselfWhy they look at youAs if you're half nakedWhy they look at youAs if you're a piece of cake baked
Giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, no take I thought that just for once, my heart would catch a break Break as in rest, but instead the shit shattered
My mother got me pepper spray for Christmas and at the time I scoffed. She told me she just wants me to be safe and I asked what from; she just gave me THAT LOOK. Every time I go running I strap it to my arm.
They hurt my feet these slippers red as a beet I don't want to go to a fancy hall or wear makeup on my face  in this "gorgeous" sheet. but those horrible sisters and mom they say
Things the men in my life have said to me:   "Yo girl, how you doin" When I didn't respond, he repeated himself Like I needed to be told again to respond to men "Yo girl, bring that ass over here"
We've grown up being told that we can become anything. But the white lies turn into  the darkness that consumes you. Because once your hopes get high enough, they come crashing down and
God Bless America! Where the grand homes spit on the peasent who make the ground they walk on God Bless America! Where black infestation is eliminated by the wonderful cops who are suppose to be protection
Love is such a broad term   Heart ache Heart break Heartburn   So many of the people in this world are filled with love,
The mirror never lies,That’s down to my mind and the ear of my eyes,The scales tell me one thing, the measure another,Am I bigger than dad, or my friends, and my brother? You’re no true friend,More acquaintance of ego,When I’m up Yelling “Yes!”The
I don’t love you at all. And before you glare at me with those squinted eyes, Before you place your hands akimbo, Before you wiggle your neck at me and say, “Excuse me?!” Excuse me while I light my spliff.  
She once knew a man who made her forget the difference between the sun and the moon. Someone who stood up before she even felt the need too.
There's something deep about this love. Deep goes the love that flows from our Father's heart. How far does it go? We don't know, but yet we do know. Because a man died and rose from the grave.
From the first time I saw you I thought you were cute.  Not like little boy cute
Someone once told me  A man doesn't cry He also isn't weak Alright, ok So, I should become a machine incapable of emotion then? What's so wrong with crying every now and often?
My hunger survives off your belligerent smile, as it puts the blazing sun up in my sky It's those nonsensical possibilities you whisper which floods my being with your eyes
She called herself the Art Whore. For she saw art in everything and anywhere. The crack in the wall that had been there since her father had slammed her head against the wall was art and
so sweet so damn sweet all loving cuddle craving and then romance and those hot times you made be feel good about myself but I don't think you feel good about yourself  
In Yellow and Stripes of Black They did fight for freedom, did they They were considered to be Dirty They were killed, Brothers, Sisters   My Brothers, Sisters They were,
Release (English Sonnet)   There was something about his eyes Like sadness crept in through his veins Made home of his heart where it’d hide Clouds of anger that swelled of rains.  
I’m a filmmaker My mind is a bullpen seething with mischief. I know I can adventure into places unknown with my camera. Which is why
  Another story on the news just broke A father just died from being choked Just like an innocent boy with a toy got killed And a teen with his hands up was shot against his will
A room of strangers,
 We defend the men we love. He lies; but he tells the truth eventually by action or words.
Can I not Munch on my potato chips And watch some football
Funny story about opinions, they're not always right. 
Throw away those super hero t-shirts and draws, Take a look at these women in their bras. Trade in those sketchers, And let's get you some J's, Cut that ponytail off And get a fade.
Woman- what does it mean? Tall, fat, skinny, short; why not smart, compassionate, or witty? I know I know, boys will be boys,  they will think and speak crude talk, but can't they be taught that We are more?
The minds of feeble boys Boisterous  Unbalanced  Braggadocious Blaming  bonds bought by bad bargaining- Instead of the one who's done the negotiation
Real thugs...  
Hate is a good thing, When it comes to bad things, But hate is for the next generation. When they look up to rap kings Who promote bad things, gold bling, and diamond rings.  
I demand change. In these twisted, damaging days. Where women are afraid to leave for work for fear of merciless rape Where people of color  cannot receive a fair wage
A man. Standing tall with his head held high, to bad there's no gap between his thighs. A man. With eyes that only see the future, if only the world could see his tummy tuck suture.
He made her uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in the sense that his presence was not desired, But uncomfortable because she couldn’t quite fathom or accept the idea that someone else could want her in the way he did.
  Tattoos? Not a chance. 
Women are equal as men. Although it takes two to make a baby, babies would not be in this world without women. I do believe the creation of life is a 50-50 job between a man and a woman, but within the job, the roles are split up.
Every scar is a reason, A reason to hold, A reason to love... Let me hold you in my arms tonight, Showing you that I can see the beauty through the beast,
I've heard it said- is it true? The heart of men is wicked. But does that just include men? Are women wicked? Children? Men are deceitful. Are women not? Children?
These are some of the things I miss, Stuff I took for granted; like a good night kiss.   Or last May I wish you were here to see me play!
NO she said does no mean yes? we know you know better than that you did what you did because you wanted to it wasn't her fault you can't blame the way she dressed the way she talked 
Let me straddle your mind Let me lay on top of your thoughts Rubbing & caressing each care away Interrupting them with each touch & feel I can open you up, to love, lifting you up Giving you a high
A curtain drawn.                Hidding my true self.                               Feelings of love,                                                   Hidden.
She smiles so deeply that it leaves imprints on her cheeks. Her laugh brings joy to others that are far beyond her reach.
A Man is something unique. A man is what all little boys should strive to be. But how can a little boy strive to be a man when a man he does not see.
Everybody has responsibilities to uphold... The question is though Do you uphold them to the fullest? Women! Babies are having babies and they give the responsibility to their moms
they never even noticed the redness in her eyes they never even noticed  the signs that everyday she cried they never even noticed because they never even cared
Temptations, deceit Tricked, trapped, but it looks so good Ways of sin and men
The strongest man endures the darkest days But to endure does not mean that he simply Takes And
I hope you receive whatever it is you desire. Whether it be a King or a Queen, anything that reflects you, will do.
This isn't my nightmare, no! My dreams and thoughts and veins ache for you! For release. To see them all again. All over. This isnt my nightmare, no! Cover me in pretty pink lines, baby, I need you now! no! Not you... not you...
300 years of slavery, 300 years in chains, One hundred years of bravery, This finally led to change. Fifty years later followed Obama’s campaign, Somehow we are still scared from all the previous pain,
Being gay isn't a choice Because why would I choose to lose my voice? Not my voice physically, but politically
enough of your comfortand poetry about innocence   my scars are not an invitationfor you to kiss my wrists   and how dare you try to make me feellike my wars weren’t realdid not exist
I need feminism, because I can't leave my legs unshaven without being told it's wrong. I need feminism, because if a man shaves his legs he's told he's "feminine", "girly", and "gay"
Because men would rather gain respect from men than from women It has become apparent that the fight for better treatment in relationships is futile
To be LOVED by ONE Man is better, than to be LIKED by HUNDREDS of Boys. 
It will hurt like a tattoo guns sting as the ink infiltrates your skin.
What to do with all the hurt? When inside you're fit to burst. You're supposed to be so strong. You're supposed to not be wrong. Put a face that betrays the truth. Give an air of being aloof.  
She was supposed to be a boy. Over there, she might not have lived to see another day. Here, she was loved.   I am loved. I can follow my dreams. But they called me bossy. Loud. Pushy.  
My Father always asks me, "What makes a man, a man?" and I'm never able to answer because I simply know I cant.
             I am a woman             I have long hair, I have a high voice, long lashes and lips of cherry             I have curves, I have breasts and a butt             And I love my body and I am proud  
You tell me, And you tell her too. I bet you say that to everyone.   You don’t know her But she still hears you. I hear her crying.   You exist everywhere,
The Few. This way of life is not for everyone; Most think we're crazy, which might be true. There's no black, white, or brown, just green. Serving my Country  with pride, Along side my Corps family.
There is this beauty of men I have.. Walking past my eyes I take mini pictures.. From their mouth that's clean like fresh snow... To their bodies that they take time to grow.. I could always admire a man..
Woman One of two or one of many Depending on your views   Woman Not worthy of wealth Except wealth of home To the man she calls To the man she owes   Woman
It began like any other day at the office,
These things that we do, intentional they’re not. There’s tears in your eyes. We try, but it’s hard.   This isn’t a choice. We’re destined from birth. To screw up. To lie.
    Mistress is just a pretty word,
I walked in alone No phone, no knife, no money I walked in alone
I love my job it's the best job i've ever had i get to dance i get to make conversations with strangers i even get to learn how some men react to voluptuous women 
Wanting to cry but having no tears Wantint to scream but pride's held to dear   This strenght is found in hard-hearted men Who hide it inside and don't show the truth
I love him, He loves me, But how could I be so dumb? Why can't I see?   This is wrong, But it feels so right, To be in his arms And to hold me tight.  
There once was a summer. A summer full of sun and delight A summer with a boy. A boy with great might. I fell in love with him, that boy. His touch reminded me of peppermint. Tingly.
we will be strangers in this bed soon - we will be unclear how to rub hug and snuggle.  the auto flash turned off now the only light that shines are the streelights....beaming in dark rooms
In a crowd you are bound to spot him He is standing so very tall Not too much impresses him He has seen and done it all. His hair is short, eyes are sharp, and not a smile is seen
My dialect is catastrophic. Viciously it consumes the minds of those who surround me.  To catch only a whisper would reveal the sadistic sense of my nature.  At least to some. Those who merge opinions with facts. Bellowing assessments of "this gen
They say that it’s manly to be aggressive, To own a weapon, to smoke, To drink, do drugs, To have many women “on the side,” To excel in sports instead of academics or art, To act rather than think,
Childish Innocence ripped away, it’s now dark outside, yet it is day. “How can they smile, laugh, and play?”, when my childish innocence was just ripped away.   Accidently created, always viewed with disgust,
Demons hide within us all Echoing in the back of our minds Pulling against the chains and begging to be let free Everyone has demons Some are just louder than others  
I met Mr.Gun on a lonely night Sad and alone I took him home I told him my story and expected him to laugh but he didn't to my surprise, He just stared at me  He seemed to understand me
If there is a “man”, Saying you are not beautiful, He’s telling you lies, His screwed up, twisted opinion of you doesn’t matter,
Oh the irony, To be in such disparity, And yet so merry and gay, Is this right is this O.K.? Do you think he was the same way? Witty Whitman and his writing foreplay?
I've had to many honey bees,but I have the peace of the sea,old soul waves at me,planet stars sung a tune,arrow brought love strikes true;as a leaf,on November's shoulder,
I’m home right now and daddy’s at it again Drinking into his normal haze While he slips into his other phase I’m hiding in the closet like I do every night When daddy’s drunk and nothing’s right
It's wrong of me To want to be equal. It's wrong of me To not feel like a woman. Or a man. It's wrong of me To not be sexually attracted to anyone. It's wrong of me
"I can sleep through gunfire," He said to me one nightDouble parked in parking lotHalf past closing time
God's first mistake wasn't the talking snake, but making man before women. To be completely honest here, we all truly know that women are superior beings in many ways (not in all ways, but just many) when compared to the common man.
  I love me a black man on a Sunday morning. When they are dressed in nothing less than their very best. With their suits on and pastel colored shirts and ties.
I'm a chromatic entity A colorful enigma; different hues of reasoning Vibrant as a rainbow, dim as a cloudy shadow Are you understanding me? A red rocket soaring free; just let me be
Sweat pours down bodies in streams, Blood is caked between the toes of feet, Of the men chosen for honor redeemed.   Swords doused in red ink, Shields reflecting the suns gleam, Cry out your call,
The tears roll down from his eyes and are blown away in whispers By the wind This Man I do not know him   He cries in an agony I cannot see He is alone beside me
they scream "we're not drunk enough!" so I give them the golden liquor of death 150 proof and an extra bottle of gin to control their djinns some ginseng on top so they sing sweetly
The Invisible Lady   This lady paintsHer face without makeupAnd she wears no skirtsOr dressesShe is the eye of manyEven though she publiclyIs the face of distain
I want to be a barbie I want to be a fresh out the box Accessories not included Anatomically in correct Manufactured in the flesh Rubber in the chest Barbie Mark me made by Mattel
Along a lost dream, He grieves the loss of reality. And feigns forgiveness to the dry bones Of humanity. Society and it’s pillars Hierarchy of wisdom and folly: The child, the woman, the man.
"I like curly haired women." "Black women are loud." "Why aren't you open to new experiences?" "You shouldn't wear weave." I think I have just about had it with these young black men. Who do you think you are?
We put people in boxes And we say You must be THIS way. We put people in boxes Crammed in. Like contortionists. But without flexibility.
Dear Fellow "Men": You stand so tall Because your penis and testicles Make you better, never wondering whether You are a man
Everybody knows playing games is a guy thing But everything changes once we buy that ring We like to look at fast cars and super models I salute the ones that carry baby bottles Why must we all be considered as dogs
It is times like this when men we see, Our fragile broken destinies. When through false strength and proud façade, Appears the pea beneath the pod. It’s times like these as men we know,
The colors fade, the leaves they fall A few last notes, the music now Ended But oh! How it soared, How sweet was the song that swelled Within When my love was your all!
A man's courage is a product of a man's desire. A man's strength is synonymous with long lasting fire. To live and to love makes man want to inspire. Because to live and to love makes a man soar even higher.
When you hear "animal" What do you think? Furs of brown, Or collars of pink? What about man? The ones with no virtues, The ones we can't stand, The ones we can't rescue.
It's a sad sick world we're living in Love is a word thrown around carelessly And here is where the story begins
A flick of the wrist An expression of surprise Nods, and eye contact Baldness and balding Business dress Causal Ties and dress shirts, Attention to detail Plead pants and shined shoes
You act as if a crown lies on your head and a gavel rests in your hand – as if people were born just to serve under you and obey your every command Reality will strip you of your illusion
There are all kinds of mustaches With different character and purpose. Some are grown as thin as eyelashes, Others look like little squirrel corpses. Whether they are long and feathered Or small and grotesque,
Love is love “Gender doesn’t define love.” Why is it people judge what they don’t understand? Homo, faggot, dyke, queer! Out of all the pain we mostly hold in fear. We endure and we take all we can.  
I need to marry a man who plays the guitar. No, the piano...yes...the piano. I need to marry a man who plays the piano and sings beautifuly.
ALL MEN! EQUALITY! A great man once said. Hidden truth is just the Whites The Nobility The Just. ALL MEN! EQUALITY! Blacks are not included.
The Black man stands strong on the slave block being ridiculed and torched similar to King Jesus.
I love my civil rights, It helps to keep state laws tight. The 13, 14, and 15th amendment, How dare you try to suspend it! It protected my heritage race, Guaranteed freedom in any place
People being treated unfair, Being judged for their race, For racism is cruel, This is why we now have Civil Rights, Freedom for religion, Freedom of speech, This is why we have laws,
here they come, riding on the two buses that would have changed the world, here they come, the freedom riders here they come.
Do not promise what you will fail to deliver Beautiful Hopes are crystallized shards of glass Fragile But when they break, a maiden will cry a river Promise Each vow: special; varies in size and shape
In the realm of gods and men Man shall prosper, god will end Broken mind, strong will is bent Soul is freed, body now spent So stand and pretend And embrace as if friends.
Play our war drums. Allow the beats of this body, these bones to cover bruises held like a second skin from wars that lay out blue prints imprinted in between our hips.
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