Love Conquers All


I hope you receive whatever it is you desire. Whether it be a King or a Queen, anything that reflects you, will do. I hope your garden of flowers are showered with the purest water, so they blossom into what they’re designed to be. I hope you receive healthy love. I hope you can see it with your heart and feel it in your bones because I promise your eyes will go blind once you fall in love with love. I hope you can taste it. And I hope your mind is strong enough to release it if needed. I hope you always keep unconditional love by your side, because he will be sitting there through your troubles with love, giving you strength to deal with unkind love. I hope weak love lets your heart go and sets your mind free. I hope you meet someone who knows how to love you properly. I hope you invite love into your home, wherever that may be. Most importantly, I hope you love yourself because that’s where love begins. And I pray that if you ever lose hope, you find it again. Love is patient, love is kind, and love will always be waiting for you to inhale it in until it reaches every part of your body. Let it flow through you so you will have more than enough to give to others. I hope you meet patience, dismiss hatred, and learn to forgive unappreciative love. I need you to know that love conquers all, so embrace it. I love you, always.

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