Dear young women,


One day, you'll have your hair pulled by a boy and

You'll hear your grandpa tell you he just has a crush on you,

That he's just a boy, so what else could you expect?


You'll be taught to cross your legs,

Because you need to act like a lady,

But soon you'll realize it's so people won't call you a slut.


You'll be taught to stop talking when a boy does,

Because nobody likes a bossy girl.


Your dad will call you pretty before he even has the chance

To know that you're smart.


But one day you won't be looked at as cute or pretty,

You'll be looked at like a piece of meat, begging to be devoured.


You'll be walking in the city by yourself for the first time,

Nobody there to hold your hand,

And a grown man will whistle,

"Baby, don't you wanna come home with me?"


You'll be used to saying no

And men acting like you said nothing at all,

Like your words hold no meaning.


You'll be taunted during a heated debate,

Boys claiming they know why you're so bitchy,

"Is it that time of the month?"


You'll be surrounded by men 

Who take everything without asking,

Not even realizing they do it,

Who defend their actions

"Not all men"


Not all men realize the internalized misogyny that this patriarchal society has spawned,

But, yes, all women grapple with it every day.




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My community
Our world


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