Letter to My Fellow "Men"


United States
39° 50' 31.326" N, 86° 2' 33.9468" W

Dear Fellow "Men":

You stand so tall
Because your penis and testicles
Make you better, never wondering whether
You are a man

You think you're a man
With that gun in your hand
Weak men pointlessly pointing the pistol
Or when you cock back a glock that
Goes POP! POP!

You think you're a man with that gun in your hand
But no one sees the quivers of a boy trying to stand
Stand up to the standard definition of a man

Those before you would ignore you
For the ignorant adore you
Slaves in shackles would rather see
Less pants sagging and more you

A you they had dreams to be
Because it seems to me
The knifing of stereotyping
Has finally torn through
What it meams to be a man

You think a man means to be
Gun slinging, liquor drinking
Dream sinking, shooting children

You think a man would kill another man for sport
What happened was you stopped short
In the middle of mission so possible you wanted to abort
The thought of being something to someone
Now youre nothing to no one
Not a man

All you care about is
Big butts and D-Cups
Getting your manhood done
Who's next to get f-ed up?
A man is merely more.....

I had a plan to be
A guy who listens to the man in me
And use this pen my ancestors handed me
To inspire these men to start acting manly

Now wouldn't that be grand to see?
But I guess that's just fantasy.....


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