The Things I Miss


Dallas, TX
Oak Lawn St.
United States
33° 14' 4.632" N, 97° 7' 40.8" W

These are some of the things I miss,

Stuff I took for granted; like a good night kiss.


Or last May I wish you were here to see me play!

When I got my first TWO, coach said i shot it just like you.


I miss hearing the jazz that you use to play,

I heard your favorite cut by Miles just the other day.


I miss the thumps to the back of the head,

The way you'd threaten to whip me when I got out of bed.


You shined my shoes, took me to the park;

Told me not to be frightened when the room was dark.


Told me to protect myself if I had to fight,

But to know the difference between wrong and right.


I don't visit as much but it hurts when you call,

I'll remember you told me to always stand tall!


And I won't get to old for a hug and a kiss,

Just want to tell you I love you; and The Things I Miss.


(This poem is dedicated to my father who was incarcerated for 10 years of my life, and also to any other young person who has lost their father to other circumstances.  He's now been home for 10 years and has made me very proud of him and his accomplishments.)

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