Boys Will Be Boys

Things the men in my life have said to me:


"Yo girl, how you doin"

When I didn't respond, he repeated himself

Like I needed to be told again to respond to men

"Yo girl, bring that ass over here"

Like I needed to be reminded that all I am is a piece of flesh

A piece of ass to be admired and touched by everyone but me

No consent, like I'm some piece of property


"Your makeup makes you look like a doll"

You are comparing me to an inanimate object

Something that can not feel, can not think

The way that I am supposed to be

Not by choice, but because it's the only way to survive

You're comparing me to something that is a toy

Something to be played with, like my life is a game


"You're the president of the itty bitty titty committee"

How is it that my body is being reduced to the size of my breasts

You act like my breasts determine my intelligence

Or my ability to be a decent human being


"Don't worry, you're still a virgin"

Because the alcohol had nothing to do with my fate

Because your assault does not count as rape

At least not to you

Because I wanted it

Even though I don't remember that night

Even though I couldn't put up a fight


These phrases linger in my mind

I know I shouldn't care, but I do

I do because I trusted you

I trusted all of you

I trusted you to not throw me away like some piece of trash

Like a broken vase that used to hold flowers full of life

To not reduce me to the size of body or my ability to say no


So let me correct what I said 

These are not the things that the men in my life have said to me

These are the things that boys in my life have said to me

And while "boys will be boys"

That does not excuse what they say.

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